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Sex show Hardcore

Although she's the product of an average, middle-class Spanish family, Caye works as a prostitute, spending her days hanging out at a hair salon, complaining about her low-class, immigrant competition. Filmmaker Catherine Breillat's semiautobiographical tale captures the making of a cinematic sex scene in all its awkwardness. Basically all the couple does is go out to concerts and come home to have sex. In drought-stricken Taiwan, Hsiao-Kang tries to hide his identity as a porn star while pursuing quiet girl Shiang-chyi.

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A low-budget horror snow with plenty of disturbingly graphic scenes that follow actress Emily Haack through her naked captivity by a serial killer. In her prime, Kim Basinger explores her sexuality with a young Mickey Rourke. Through sex, Solanis shows the criminal how his paper crimes are impacting her world. What results are such classic lines as, "Get the butter. A movie about a director making a movie about young, French women masturbating. The below list of streaming Netflix films containing hardcore sex was compiled in part from titles cross listed on MrSkin.

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