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This is my business partner, Dave. Is this your boat? They got theirs with a lead pipe, and I'm still here surviving. What the fuck am I going to do with a microwave?

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Johm This guy is a stone cold killer, a liar, theft, and a Johhn. There's this house on Wonderland. Just because he had a big stick, didn't equate to "Hot Guy" with me, his body was never attractive, he's not a good-looking man in the face, and being that he was a drug addict, street urchin, and an accessory to murder, played major factors in my assessment. It's a story called 'Wonderland'. Any penis over a certain inch ratio, will not become "hard", if you haven't notice, MOST "HUGE" penises, at full erect, are very limber, loose, and floppy-appearing.

Vuy you see a murder? You just got to give those fucking fucks back their fucking guns. Okay Bill, I'm gonna tell you a story. Bill are you calling me a murderer?

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