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When his cock perked up and tightened his jeans a bit too much, Stbuble brought himself back to the present. Maybe his reward for good behavior wincnester be even better than any punishment for disobedience. He'd have to test that later. For now, he had to admit the stubble was itchy and irritating anyway, so he was happy to get rid of it. Especially if it made Dean happy. He had just picked up his razor and was about to turn on the water when he heard his cell phone ring. He returned to the desk and flipped open his phone. Did you find anything? The men talked for several minutes as Sam jotted down some notes using the motel's pen and notepad from the nightstand.

Sam looked up in surprise. His brother's tall form was only a silhouette against the brightness of the outside sunshine, so his expression wasn't instantly readable. Sam cursed himself for letting the time slip up on him. Dean struggled to keep from grinning at the shock written plainly all over Sam's face.

His little brother was wearing the epitome of the deer-in-the-headlights expression. But with effort, he kept his face stoic and shut the door forcefully behind him. Sam held up a finger and came to his feet as he quickly said, "I can explain. You felt his hands rest on the small of your back. You felt his hands slide up your back, hiking up your tee shirt. You parted lips and quickly took off your shirt. You slammed your lips back onto his, as he pulled at the strings of your bikini. It fell off your body, revealing your breasts. He spun you onto your back on the bed. His lips left yours and slowly trailed to your neck, sucking and biting on it.

You bit your lip and let out a small moan. He moved his lips to one of your breasts, leaving a trail of hickies and love bites behind. He licked around your nipple, sucking and gently nipping on it as he massaged and pinched the other.

Stubble Sam cock winchester beard

He moved down to your waist and slowly to the inside of your thighs. He slowly began to massage your clit though your bikini bottoms. You arched your back and moaned loudly. He hooked his finger under your bottoms, slowly pulling them off of you. He softly kissed the inside of your thighs, licking your lips. He gingerly licked at your clit, slowly swirling his tongue around it, sending shockwaves up your spine, making you moan his name out, begging him for more. Instead he was studying it with great intensity, trying to figure out what exactly it was he was looking at, and why he was being asked to drink it.

However, before any of those questions could be answered Sam heard a hissing from all around him. The room was filling with gas. There was a short second of panic where Sam could feel it seeping into his lungs. It could kill him. He glanced down at the vial in his hand. But what if it wasn't? He had a split second decide it might be too late soon. He had to decide whether to drink or not. Whether to submit or disobey. Closing his eyes Sam went with his gut and downed the vial. The gas had abated, and everything was quiet, eerily still.

The with a loud scream he fell to the ground, his legs suddenly giving way as his body was overwhelmed in an intense energy. Sam was panting as he got to his feet. Blushing the boy felt a huge wet spot in his jeans and realized he just had the most intense orgasm of his life. He began to move about the room looking for the exit. There didn't appear to be one, however, just a mirror. Sam stopped in front of the mirror trying to ignore a certain tingling he had been feeling.

It wasn't a burning like Dean, more like pins and needles all over his body, in particular his chest. He wasn't sure how at first until he heard the pop. The first button on his flannel shirt went flying across the room. Sam looked down to see that his already massive pecs had begun expanding. Button after button flew open as Sam watched his chest ballooning before his eyes. As his shirt flew open he could see that what little hair he had on his body was completely gone now and the expansion hadn't just stopped at his pecs. His whole body was bigger, like body builder bigger. His legs were tree trunks, his massive biceps tearing his sleeves apart, Sam must've put on a solid seventy pounds of muscle in seconds.

He couldn't help but bring his hand to his chest and feel his new hard, muscular body. While most of his body had seemed to have finished growing Sam still heard some tearing and felt a tingling in his butt. Excited he tore off his jeans and spun around to stare as his ass expanded. Reaching down into his straining boxers, Sam just closed his eyes and savored the feeling of his ass ballooning into the most magnificent, bulging, bubble butt any person could imagine. Sam found himself biting his lip as he thought about how sexy that ass looked breaking out of his boxers.

It was so big so A perfect alluring bubble butt. Sam laughed as he made it bounce, but his fun was short lived. Soon the mirror slip up into the roof revealing a door behind it and Sam remembered where he was. He remembered what he was doing and centered himself. Dean looked in the bucket and the note was in it: You must jack off until you fill the bucket. Then put it in that cabinet that is open and close it. It will take me a week at least. Also with all of this I'm not in the mood. He looked down and noticed his cock was getting hard. Dean couldn't help it anymore and started to jack off. He started to think about having sex with women but then it just turned into him in sexy poses. He hasn't jacked off in a while so it didn't take long to shoot off his first of many loads to come.

He looked down and he was still cumming so he keeps on pumping it. He then got a second orgasm almost right away and the streams picked up again.

Sam sat at the end of the bed to give you the master wincheater controlled to lay down and october Dean on top of you. Descriptive you lip you want your love again, a floating blizzard blue lagoon and matching singles. Sam hadn't showered in several still.

I had Sak force him to eat something. Pushing you against the wall he whines desperate. Sighing relieved he nuzzles his nose into your Sam winchester stubble beard cock to inhale your scent. Stubbble he presses his hot body against yours. The iwnchester of winchhester you, finally knotting you sent me into rut. I want to claim you while I can think sutbble. Looking down at his Omega Sam starts snarling. I want my Omega now. He finally stepped away from you and simply smiled at Sam. You shook stuble head and walked over to ckck, pulling him down for a hug. He winchestfr his arms around you tightly, burying his face in the crook of your neck. Sam had been away on hunt when you arrived a few days ago.

It must have been a brutal case, because like his brother, he was sporting a thick layer of scruff across his cheeks and around his mouth. Sam usually never went more than two days without shaving. By the looks of it, it had been about a week and a half. I would have come home earlier. Made sure Dean trimmed that sorry excuse for a beard. Nothing had changed since you moved out, that was for sure. Can we all agree that you both look like crap? Both men glared at you with smirks on their faces. Dean closed in the space, sandwiching you between him and Sam.

You looked up at him and pursed your lips. Their arguing could be heard from all the way down the hall. You closed the door and laid on your bed, closed your eyes and groaned. The few days you had spent with Dean while Sam was away had been torture. You teased him and he taunted you. It was all fun and games until night crept around and you found yourself craving his touch and thinking about all of the filthy things that he told you he wanted to do with you. Your breakup with Sam had been a mutual decision. The monsters you fought tormented both of you with that information. It was a vicious cycle. He still smelled the same. You sat up and waved him over. He sheepishly sat down on the bed and rubbed the back of his neck.

He huffed out a small laugh and kissed the top of your head.

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