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How Soon Can You Have Sex After a C-Section?

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Aand hep C treatments are effective, but expensive We used to treat hepatitis C with interferon, which was not that effective and came with a lot of side effects. And these medications work as well even when people are coinfected with HIV. But, these new medications are very expensive, so oftentimes I have to puzzle over how to get my patients coverage. The good news is that people with HIV and hepatitis C are usually approved by insurance companies to receive treatment, because insurance companies know that people with HIV are more likely to develop problems caused by hep C.

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If Sex and c look at people who use x drugs, the percentage is higher. Whether you're in the mood or you feel as though intimacy is the last thing on your mind, here's what you need to know about an after pregnancy. After the baby anr born, how soon can I have sex? While there's no required waiting period before you can have sex Srx, many health care providers recommend waiting Srx have sex until four to six weeks after delivery, regardless of the Sex and c method. The Sx of having a complication after delivery is highest during the first two weeks after delivery. But waiting will also give your body time to heal.

In addition to postpartum discharge and vaginal tears, you might experience fatigue, vaginal dryness, pain and low sexual desire. If you had a vaginal tear that required surgical repair, you might need to wait longer. Hormonal changes might leave your vagina dry and tender, especially if you're breast-feeding. You might experience some pain during sex if you're healing from an episiotomy or perineal tears. Many women who have undergone cesarean delivery chose to wait at least 4—6 weeks before having sex because they experience soreness, vaginal bleeding, and fatigue following the birth.

Women should also avoid wearing tampons until postpartum bleeding, or lochia, is complete. Precautions After a doctor says that it is safe to try sexual activity, people may still need to take some precautions to reduce the risk of complications. There may be some soreness and swelling around the incision site, and the surrounding skin may feel tight or stretched. Pregnancy can happen almost immediately, even after just having given birth! Talk to your doctor to find a breastfeeding safe method of birth control most methods are. So if you find that having your new baby is enough to have on your plate for the moment, remember to use birth control.

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This can result f vaginal dryness, so make sure to have plenty of lubricant handy. Once those two threshold issues are taken care of, remember the following words of advice: This will help you get back in the mood and aid with the vaginal dryness issue. There are plenty of other options. The more, the merrier.

Anc control after birth Take it from this obstetrics nurse: Don't wait until you've resumed sexual activity to start your preferred birth control method. There are a lot of options for long-acting birth control. Many of these options are safe for breast-feeding mothers. Talk to your doctor about what method is best for you.

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When to see your doctor Speak to your doctor if you have any increased pain, discharge, or bleeding after a Sexx delivery. I always tell my patients that as time goes on, they should start to feel better, not worse. If anything starts hurting more, it's a sign that something might be wrong. All of these could lead to a lowered amount of natural vaginal secretions.

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