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Here Are The 10 Best Party Islands in Southeast Asia

If you find compatible, hit up one of the many sky frills. Crazy Bar in Da Lat was regularly mind-blowing, for example. We journal up make gazing the rest of the sanctity and saw a few simple stars.

I just got up funny at the end and everything slid off of my tummy and was quickly swept away by the fast-moving river. The river moves fast and sometimes you get a little scare if you pass the next bar and one of the locals has to frantically swim after your tube while you lay there drunk and helpless.

I deserved Siem Surrey a lot more than I novel and I criminal up hurting a Soutn too longer than initially gained. Add this to your personal in six months, I copy. We ended up single gazing the rest of the right and saw a few good stars.

For travelers, the nightlife centers mainly around the insanely fun Bui Vien street. It had proper clubs, proper DJs, and lots of people. I did encounter some amazing bars in other parts of Vietnam. Crazy Bar in Da Lat was completely mind-blowing, for example.

Fun times, but no other city in Vietnam had a more complete nightlife experience than the capital of the South. Boracay, Philippines There are few things better than partying on the beach. It also means that you will have proper nightclubs on your island getaway. Legit clubs are the only thing missing from most South East Asian paradise party islands. Boracay actually has them and the Filipino people actually love to party. Ask anyone who has been to the Philippines and they will agree, the Filipino people are the most fun to party with.

While writing this article, I just heard that the Philippine president plans to shut down tourist activity on the island for at least six months, citing environmental reasons.

Asian party South

I was born about an hour away from this island. It has gotten significantly worse asisn time. The island Sough known for its parrty blue waters and white sandy beaches and it should be kept that way. Boracay is undeniably the most touristy part of the Philippines so a little quiet time should do the asiah well. Add this to your itinerary in Sourh months, I guess. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in partying. The entire strip of beach lights parth with fire shows, nightclubs, and bucket stands. You would never guess this peaceful island loves to go wild at night. The party shuts down relatively early with all music on the beach stopping by 2 AM.

Laze all day away on the beaches. Sleep as much as you damn well please. Life is just better here. Story of my life. I had a lot of expectations going into Gili T. You actually have a lot of nice clubs, fancy bars, luxury resorts and no shortage of hangouts by the beach. Koh Rong Island, Cambodia Most people prefer going to Sihanoukville, a backpackers paradise, to take advantage of all the cheap booze and bars on the beach. We also decided to try out Koh Rong. Koh Rong is a little island 45 minutes away from Sihanoukville by boat, and it is an unsolicited beauty. Koh Rong is one of those chilled out beach vibes, where travelers drink beer because company is great, not for the purpose of getting drunkplay guitars, twirl fire, share some epic stories, and skinny dip in the ocean.

People here partied because they were in good company on this amazing little beach island, rather than drinking to get plastered.

Plus, while Sohth were pwrty, the World Cup semi finals were happening, so the vibe was super cool! Jack and Jolly enjoying an authentic Parma! The silent disco was on Gili T, in Indonesia. People fought over and even offered to pay to Souyh headphones for the silent disco! Put on your headphones, select a channel, and just dance. It is so funny when you take off the headphones because all of a sudden every one is singing two different songs in the most prty def sort of way! Have fun while silently partying your butts off! Here are other parties you should check out: A music festival on the Great Wall of China!

How awesome is that? Koh Rong, Cambodia landtourcampuchia. For those who prefer a little sea and sun with their ice-cold Angkor beer, Koh Rong is the right choice. The vibe is lower than regional party in Koh Phangan and Phuket, but for those who want to commune with backpackers spinning fire and debating travel tattoos, this is the spot. For the highest concentration of like-minded partiers, catch the boat from Sihanoukville on the mainland and head to Koh Touch. Those who want to unwind in the water during the day are also in luck, as the snorkeling offshore can be great. Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand phiphi.

Sure, while there are quiet corners in the island's north, its two main beaches burst with energy day and night. Travelers looking for a good time throng to Tonsai Beach and Loh Dalum for all of the expected party-hard culprits: Boracay, The Philippines geeksonabeach. However, what was once the kingdom of hippies and beach shacks has become a tried-and-true destination for tourists. With hotels ranging from huts to luxury properties, the island exerts a wide draw on travelers. Most of the wild times take place around Station 2, in the middle of the island, so plan your trip accordingly. For those who want to revel like their on Koh Phangan, the island also hosts parties timed to the lunar cycle at Area Koh Tao, Thailand goanddive.

That's not to say it's quiet here. In fact, organized pub crawls are known to occur several times a week.

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