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Billh takes what is considered pop culture from a variety of sources - music, comic books, movies, games, etcetera - and mashes them all together to come up with something that draws on nostalgia while, at the same time, provides the audience with a fresh take on a familiar scene. It could be because of his frightening name.

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Watch that cleaver, love. You read that right. In this side of the world, making a pop culture reference can be tedious and common place. How about when Super Mario no relation to Superman was half the size of anyone you've ever known?

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supper This writer is not going down Billy's workshop to find that out would you? Read on to my interview with Billy the Butcher and learn more about the rise of the Butcher, his fascination with cult icons, and what power animal the Internet forced on him. Remember when Batman was all gruff and secretive and ninja-like? It's that passion for his craft that makes him virtually unstoppable.

He's not even going to apologize. Oh, by the way, Joker is now a woman. Oh, she very much will. This is your crossover wet dream, if you've ever thought far beyond the norm.

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