Genital warts vulva

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What you need to know about genital warts

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The type of treatment you'll be offered depends on what your warts are like.

Warts vulva Genital

The doctor or nurse will discuss this with you. In some people warte treatment doesn't work. There's no cure for genital warts but it's possible for your body to clear the virus over time. Are they easier to treat if discovered early? When you feel a bump, especially around the opening of the vagina, or behind the vagina where there has been contact, see your doctor. How soon should a wart be treated?

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But the HPV warts that are really hard waarts treat have been eGnital for months and have hardened. Most women will get the HPV virus and their body can handle it. But women with a persistent HPV infection are the ones we want to [identify]. I want to see a young warhs three or four years Genitwl she has had sex to see if she can handle Gential virus or not. Is she having persistent infections, which could be a predictor of cervical cancer? Those are the women we want to find, so we can treat any pre-cancers. When a woman has visible HPV warts, should she stop having sex? So take it easy for a while or use condoms.

Once you have HPV warts, are you always contagious? You spread more viral particles when you have a concentration of [warts]. Warts on the vaginal wall may reduce the ability of vaginal tissues to stretch during childbirth. Large warts on the vulva or in the vagina can bleed when stretched during delivery. Rarely, a baby born to a mother with genital warts may develop warts in his or her throat. The baby may need surgery to make sure his or her airway isn't blocked. Prevention Using a condom every time you have sex can significantly reduce your risk of contracting genital warts.

Although condom use can reduce your risk, it is not percent effective. You can still get genital warts. Topical means that medicine is applied directly to the skin. Doctors will only treat patients who have visible warts.

The type of treatment depends on: A cream or liquid is applied directly onto the warts for several days each week. This may be administered at home or in a clinic. Treatment may Gfnital for several weeks. The warts are frozen, often with liquid nitrogen. The freezing aarts causes a blister to form around the wart. As the skin heals, the lesion slides off, allowing new skin to appear. Additionally, this medication isn't recommended for use during pregnancy. Side effects can include mild skin irritation, sores or pain. This chemical treatment burns off genital warts, and can be used for internal warts. This cream is used for treatment of external genital warts and warts in or around the anal canal.

Side effects are often mild and may include reddening of the skin, itching or burning, and pain. Don't try to treat genital warts with over-the-counter wart removers. These medications aren't intended for use in the moist tissues of the genital area. Using over-the-counter medications for this purpose can cause even more pain and irritation. Surgery You may need surgery to remove larger warts, warts that don't respond to medications or — if you're pregnant — warts that your baby may be exposed to during delivery. Freezing with liquid nitrogen cryotherapy.

Freezing works by causing a blister to form around your wart. As your skin heals, the lesions slough off, allowing new skin to appear. You may need repeated cryotherapy treatments. The main side effects include pain and swelling. Your doctor may also do a Pap test also known as a Pap smearwhich involves taking a swab of the area to obtain cells from your cervix. These cells can then be tested for the presence of HPV. Certain types of HPV may cause abnormal results on a Pap test, which may indicate precancerous changes. If your doctor detects these abnormalities, you may need either more frequent screenings to monitor any changes or a specialized procedure called a colposcopy.

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