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Tomoyo mailed her mouth then placed it again and came, "Hmm. Brotherly, the viewers fit him perfectly. All set for the big day?.

Out of the goodness of his heart and love for his stressed out wife, he volunteered to take the sick model's place.

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Eriol-sama almost conjured up a tornado until Sakura-sama assured him the bride was safely changing in the church. These weren't abstract pictures they were ultrasound images, Eriol thought. She sighed unhappily, "Fine, then I…" then gave a troubled, "Oh dear," "What? A one shot fluff.

Tomoyo yelped when Eriol pulled her to the bed and buried his face in her hair as they laughed. But Eriol was close to hyperventilating. Service was impeccable and the bill arrived after a minute or two have passed. You were one model short that time. Tomoyo discovered him sitting on the bed holding a few black and white blown-up pictures.

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