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Nevertheless, when Jizzmas rolls around, I think I speak on behalf of mankind when I say: He should make a solution bottlr diet coke and semen, and then drop mentos into the bottles, while he is running around the shopping mall, all while constantly ejaculating from the prankgasm. Or imaginary girlfriend; whatever. Volume is estimated, Exif data is checked in case of identifiers, bottle reflections are inspected in the hope of glimpsing the elusive Jizzuz and complex calculations are performed. I cannot even imagine the stench that would instantly permeate into the room upon opening the cap to make another contribution.

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Why does he post his gunk for the internet to inspect? Will he bring us more than he did last year? And then the ultimate poser of all: Will he come this year? Once CBG has delivered, the spaff collection is analysed and pored over in intricate detail.

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As Urban Dictionary notes: To leave your congratulations — and confirm that you were there on that pivotal day in human history — you need to be sharp. One-man bottling plant Every Christmas sinceour lord and saviour has uploaded a photo of some soda bottles. Or will our hero abandon us, having moved on to better things? Each bottle is filled to the brim with cloudy lemonade. He could be me. While some are wishful:

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