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He could see your pussy, wet from him touching you. Peter stopped kissing you.

He stared for a second before quickly looking up your face. He was running late for statistics. Did you know his secret? He was working so hard to not cum. He knew that this was new to you. Too late to go back now. You wanted to actually feel him touch you with nothing on. Peter slowly thrust through your high as you clenched around his fingers.

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His fingers softly touching where you wanted. You kissed his hair. He kissed the top of your breast, his thumb never left your nipple. Very slowly he pulled back out and then pushed back in. Peter carefully continued the motion for a minute before moving his finger closer to your core. It had been so long since he had sex.

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You instead leaned your head back and closed your eyes. He closed his eyes to ignore how it made his cock twitch. Your own psychology notes lay ignored in your lap.

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