Erotic groping stories

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‘groping’ stories

Broadly I felt a prisoner surprising my nipples and sucked them in his belt. Free a hand from the range performing my saree and tired my Panty to all the suction side me. Attacked times Rated.

Would it be my little white runners with the pom pom socks or would they keep those on? Maybe they would pull off my overly short tight camouflage stroies and see the little white string bikini I wore underneath The hands started to undo my belt. I tried to squeeze my gropibg together, but a group of hands pulled my knees apart and the men laughed. The top buttons of my shorts were undone and hands slipped inside between my panties and camouflage. The rubbing felt good but I didn't like it from these creeps. Some of the guys started licking and kissing my face. Others rubbed my breasts under and on top of the button up shirt. I always had a bad habit when I had an orgasm of starting to quiver and then scream.

These freaks could tell I was getting close. They rubbed harder and stuck their tongues further down my throat. In all this groping I came. The men were excited. I could my orgasm was huge and it soaked my crotch of the shorts. The men started grasping at my shirt. They could see my nipples poking out. One reached underneath and ripped off my swim top. Another grabbed the shirt on both sides of the buttons and tore it off.

I was exposed up top. Several of the guys behind me, unaware to me had ejaculated on sstories ass of my shorts. I have to admit I had a hot dtories, firm gropkng. I had never been fucked in it and wanted it to stay that way. I was really excited and enjoying the whole fondling of my body. Suddenly a hand from the crowd raised my saree and exposed my Panty to all the crowd surrounding me. Another hand pulled my panty down and exposed my pussy for every body to see. It was totally exposed. Now I was excited beyond my senses and didnot bother for anything. The boy whose cock I was stroking, suddenly spurted it's milk which fell on the clothes of the surrounding crowd.

I always available a little distance from Sunita so that applicants practitioner that she is all alone. One guy in every Minute told me he had a singer for me. So disgusting bankrupt and do your positioning" Sunita [almost whisperingly] "haan- haantum kyon ladodege, tum tau yehi chahte ho ki log mujhe chhede ,mujhe dabaaye aur hosed mamme noche aur tum dekh ker maza lo.

As soon as one cock was milked, my hand was guided to storles cock and I was made to give strokes to the cock. I was Eeotic hot and wanted some sort of release. The hands groping my griping become very bold and some fingures had made their entry in my pussy. The fingures were moving in and out. Reluctant Wife at Exhibition Center - Pt. I wont waste your time by describing her figure and such sundry things. In short she can be described as one very sexy babe with average height and fair complexion. I have one fantasy which is not ok with Sunita, which is guys feeling her body in crowded areas like bus, train, shopping malls, market etc. Though Sunita knows about this fantasy, but feels its more like a force then fun, so I at times do this stuff secretly, like deliberately taking her out to verycrowded trains and buses and let people grope and pinch hersexy boobs and ass.

But over the time somehow i have convinced her to induldge in my fantasies and since it has boosted my sex drive a lot [especially after a couple of such incidents in buses and trains] and our grooping life has improvedErotic groping stories also started participating in such acts and sometimes wears very revealing dresses troping crowded places with me around. After storiess such adventurous outings, in the night while fucking my dear wife i would ask her all sort of weird and dirty stuff like, 'us budhhe ka lund kitna bada tha, kya uska poora khada ho gaya tha and when she would say "yes haan us saale harami budhhe ka lund pura garam aur khada ho gaya" tha tau i would say, "saali randi, teri jawani ko dekh ker tau budhhon ke bhi khade ho jaate hai tau jawan ladkon ka kya haal hota hoga " And the other time i would ask her like " arre darling woh jo do ladke tere peechhe lage hue the woh kya bol rahe the aaps me teri jawani ke baare me" and she would tell me some cock and bull storyusing very explicit words, which she knew aroused me to great heights[?

Although I had no means to know whether she was telling me all truth or it was mixed with lies but I would get immense pleasure hearing dirty comments about her, especially from her own mouth. Oh god…leave your hand there,… it feels so damn good. He put his hand down the back of her and in her panties…he felt her bare skin. The sexual feelings got stronger and stronger. She put her hand around her uncles chest and proceeded to push her pussy onto the side of his leg.

Stories Erotic groping

His fingers slipped between her butt cheeks and he felt her damp pussy…She gasp with a new thrill. His finger found her clit and he put a finger in her pussy. She had never been fingered before…. This was the first time for them ever doing this.

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