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Griffin planners sex girl named for everyone smiling. Happily, yes, I revisit this can be possible. Below is what the Coital Ratio Dating looks like:.

I came so many times I lost count. After we were done and he left my tyos, I was still pretty turned on. My clit was swollen and throbbing and I wanted to take care of goys further. I have a Njoy Pure Wand, which is a double ended dildo with 7. It was so big and curved that it hurt. I was so turned on this time that when I inserted the larger end into my pussy, I sighed because it felt amazing. I felt the toy rub against my G-Spot, over and over, and I felt like I had to pee, but knew that it was the fluid building up.

I squirted before with a previous partner and knew to push out and not shy away from the feeling. All of a sudden I gasped because the sensation ffucking really squirtingg and Squirtkng took the toy out. Squirtint I pulled it out of my pussy, the toy was dripping with my cum and the sheets were soaked beneath tosy. I came so hard and felt completely spent. After squirtjng amazing session with my fuck buddy, the squirting, and vibrations, I felt so completely satisfied. We had sex a few days after that experience and I squirted again squirtnig stimulating my G-Spot with the Njoy.

My partner had an extremely thick and girthy cock. It reminded me of a fire hydrant almost. The foreplay was amazing. I gave him a sensual blow job trying to take the whole thing and he sucked on my pussy and nipples. When he first slid inside me I was drenched. It took a bit to get used to his size so he spent some time stretching me out. It felt so amazing to have him work my pussy over. Eventually I began to gush and all you could hear was the wet sucking sounds my pussy made. He spread my thighs wide and started to thrust nice and deep.

I felt him everywhere and it was so amazing. He gave a few hard thrusts and pulled out. I immediately felt underneath me and the sheets were soaked! He continued to thrust hard and deep, grinding against my pussy until I kept squirting over and over. At first he thought I peed on him, because his cock and thighs were drenched, but soon realized it was my squirt. I tend to cum hard from clitoral stimulation more than anything else. I looked around there was only one other person on the train, and i had nearly an hour till my stop.

I began to touch my self under my dress. My pussy was getting increasingly wet i was so exited i felt so naughty. I slowly entered my fingers in to my soaking vagina, trying not to moan, this felt so good.

Cum squirting Women masturbating fucking toys

I looked down at the small puddle around kasturbating seat i was so aroused, I had never felt this before. I kept going rubbing my clit, playing with my pussy in public. Then I masturbaring out a moan, both squirtiny looked at me. But it was to much i was so close to finishing harder and harder playing with my vag soaking the seat. It felt so good. I had maasturbating such a mess. I slowed down and maturbating to masturbatinb my vagina until my stop. I was going home to continue to pleasure myself. I take back the layers of my scrubs and reminisce on the long day I just had. Nothing would feel better than a nice gushing orgasm.

My mind wanders off into fantasy about the new doctor at the hospital. His confident demeanor, his broad shoulders and his masculine jaw line. I close my eyes a lie back, I am ready for ecstasy. Yes, doctor I muttle. I am at my hips now, holding tight to the curves I can feel the excitement start to build up. My breathing gets heavier, I hold myself a little tighter and start to undulate. Moving my body gently with hopes that the doctor is watching. Looking for approval, I open my eyes and pull him in. He reminds me I need to maintain professionalism.

I nod in agreement and lie back down. I am in it alone. Two fingers in my mouth now, gently soaking and sucking them. Starting slow I rub myself in a clockwise motion, with minimal pressure- the nerve endings are already stimulated. Moaning with each sensation I can feel myself getting closer. My young little cunt is dripping wet, I slide my finger into my freshly shaved hole and feel my pussy squeeze it. I force another finger in and find my g-spot.

I start finger fucking myself and each time I enter my fingers my thumb teases my clit. My goys starts racing with thoughts of this new doctor. We are both getting so close to orgasm he spanks me for being too loud. Tells me that I need to behave because we are at work. I am begging for mercy, he goes harder and harder. So close to cumming. I can hear my juices with every insertion. I sit there in silence with a racing heart beat, breathing heavy. I think I want to do it again. Time to challenge myself.

Kissing her also and physically. Bullet vibrators and easier clitoral knees are conveying when you were something less talkative.

As long as my clit is being stimulated, I usually orgasm within a few minutes of sex. I had a way different experience a few days ago. I had gone on a couple dates with this man and was very sexually attracted to him. He was tall, dorky, and had an adorable smile. After a few dates, he took me to his house and we had amazing sex. We were in my bed and he had his fingers inside of me. His fingers were the most amazing feeling ever. It kind of just came out and went everywhere. His moving fingers caused the fluid to escalate out of me and all over my thighs and lower belly. I came seconds after the ejaculation.

Stunned, I immediately sat up in confusion. His moaning during the whole process made me believe he enjoyed it. I looked at the soaking bed sheets and swore I must have peed. It was like a watered down version of that. I remember fingering myself to orgasm but wondering why the sheets and my hand would be so Women fucking toys squirting cum masturbating. Then I came across a story about squirting. The first time I experienced theirs amazing sensation I was out with an older guy I was attracted to for a long time. We met for drinks and the first time he kissed me my underwear got wet. I knew that when we had sex it would be an unforgettable evening.

After a few casual dates he invited me to his house. Once we were there he was aggressively trying to give me the tour of his house, oddly enough the last room was his bedroom. We started to kiss and he was masterfully undressing me. He kissed his way down my neck and I was getting really hot, not to mention, wet. Then he put my erect nipple in his mouth and sucked the hardest anyone ever has. I tried to take his clothes off but he told me it was all about me. And boy was it. In what seemed like seconds we were rolling around and kissing and feeling each other for the first time. He has other plans and started to finger me. I pulled him on top o me and kissed him, I could taste my sex on his lips Women fucking toys squirting cum masturbating tongue.

It was among the hottest things ever. So, I started to ride him. I had to ease up and down the first few thrusts but then I was a pro. I rode him and rode him. I had feelings like never before. I had an orgasm but something told me to keep riding and I did. I felt an ocean of fluid and I asked I the condom broke. I caught my breath and started to ride him again. It happened again only this time we came together. That night taught me a few things about me and sex. I am one messy girl and I should drink lots of fluid beforehand to prevent dehydration.

I looked online and discovered more information about it. In March ofI had an opportunity to play with a wonderful couple and at the time she introduced me to my own squirting ability and I have not looked back since. I can now squirt with g-spot manipulation, clitoral manipulation, and in various positions during sex, especially if I am on top. For the most part I enjoy the feeling immensely especially when you find someone who is talented enough to cause me to squirt and orgasm at the same time. Once, I was licked all night long, and I squirted and gushed for about 6 hours straight nonstop. I was well hydrated beforehand, and drank plenty afterward. I would have about 40 — 50 orgasms during the 3 hour sessions, and about 60 — 80 orgasms during the 6 hour session.

I would usually lie on my back, but would change positions sometimes to on my knees and he licked from behind or sitting on his face too. That was an unforgettable fun experience. I love to squirt. I know how to hold back a little, let it build up, and then release to a long squirt that lands few feet away!! I am exhausted after a session Women fucking toys squirting cum masturbating that and it takes a couple of days to catch up LOL. Different positions give a different response. I have researched this myself! I heard a story from a guy once about a girl that gushed. In the last month though all of these stories have been popping back into my mind. I think I am a gusher. Although Women fucking toys squirting cum masturbating everything I have read my experience is slightly different.

I am sure everyone is unique but everyone seems to talk about a feeling of needing to pee. I did not have that feeling. The first time I was trying some thing new. I have never needed lube for intercourse or for masturbating. However I was trying a butt plug. So I got some lube for that, as is recommended. I put in the butt plug and started my normal masturbation with a bullet vibrator on my clit and a fun new dildo for my vag. When I was close to orgasm I felt wetness on my hand that was using the dildo. I have never had this before and the consistency was different.

There was none of this different textured liquid on my clit that I could tell. It seemed to be only around my dildo. It was not much just enough for me to feel and wonder, what it was for sure. I put this out of my mind. I figured it had to be from the lube since it had never happened before and that was the only thing really that I had done differently. The dildo was relatively new but I had used it before without this happening and without the butt plug. Then a few weeks later, I am masturbating and suddenly I feel this same texture of liquid splattering onto my hand. Again I had no warning it was going to come. It was again pre-orgasm but close to it.

Again there did not seem to be anything on my vibrating bullet nor did my clit seem to feel any of that liquid. Just on my dildo and hand. I was so surprised since I was not using the butt plug this time and it could not have been from lube. I had not used any lube this time. I went ahead and finished and just laid there relaxing and enjoying the feeling of post-orgasm. When I got up there was a huge puddle under me. I had put a towel down since I always do just in case of leaking juices. This did not ever feel like I was urinating at all. It did not feel like I had to pee at any time. It did not feel like it came from the same place I urinate from at all.

It seems like it came from my vagina. I smelled it and there was no odor. I cleaned up and of course this has been on my mind since. It seamed to have the same color as my cum. After thinking about it a while the only thing that made sense was this must be squirting. The more I thought about it the more I thought it seemed like it gushed. I think I may have seen that term somewhere and it just popped into my mind. I am happy to learn this about myself and embrace it. However I also still feel uncertain. Since others seem to have similar experiences that are mostly a little different.

This was only the second time it happened and it was a complete surprise. Not something I was intentionally trying to experience. I am in my 30s, I wonder if this is just part of my body changing? Is this a good change or is this something I should keep an eye on? The orgasm was still great but not any better or worse than any other orgasm I have ever had. The subject of female ejaculation is, to say the very least, confused, complicated and contentious. A very limited amount of research by clinicians, sexologists, feminists and swamis seems to have been carried out and in many instances the conclusions differ vastly. Shameful stuff, I know… sorry, Sandra.

Other experiences over the years were all as a result of intercourse, and were by no means frequent or even regular, they were all, also, of the flooding kind. When they happened, I enjoyed them, but through that period, I had no understanding of any whys or wherefores. Closer Encounters of the Damp Kind: The pole could be detached, and there were also two shackle points on the plinth to hold her in position. Much fun and experimentation ensued, as you might imagine, but it was when I had detached the pole, laid her on her back, pinned her there with my foot, and began to work the pole inside her that the fireworks began. Long streams of fountaining fluid would result from strokes with the pole, mostly jetting from her urethra and sometimes gushing in-between times.

It went on, and on, and … you get the idea. Wow, I was hooked. So was she It was highly dramatic and intense, visually startling, and promised great potential for future playtime. Information was moderately scant, though there were several earnest articles, some clinical, some personal, but all mildly confusing or contentious: Here are a few facts that I know to be absolutely true. Some women can ejaculate: There are also many women who know all too well that they can ejaculate, and of those, some can be deeply embarrassed by it. This is where I have to stick my neck out a little with a bold, but true statement: At play parties, high drama, dynamic scenes, demos, etc. Of these, most had never experienced an ejaculation, or g-spot orgasm, if you prefer.

So, why has it worked every time? Some women can ejaculate copiously: Like most things, the volume can vary with different people and situations, but the point where the well runs dry, is essentially, down to the people involved. There is some gobbledegook on Wikipedia about quantities of ejaculate, backed up by some pretty dodgy science. Some women can ejaculate through their urethra: This is where the ejaculate, or come, if you prefer, exits the body via the urethra. This can be in short jets, streaming arcs, or something resembling the Trevi fountain. There are a couple of things that I think contribute to this spurting exit.

I definitely recommend that she learns to orgasm through masturbation first. It will be much easier for you to give her an orgasm that way. All you need to do is take a shower together. Then while washing her, take the shower head and start directing the water over her body before focusing it on her vagina and clit. If your showerhead has a pulse setting, then try switching that on before you use it on her. Beware that pulsation might not feel good for her, especially if you have strong water pressure.

As always, her feedback is important to finding out what works best for her. Edging Edging your girl is a fantastic way to make her orgasms more intense, but it requires both restraint from you and a bit of skill in understanding when she is close to orgasm. Repeating this process two, three, four or more times before eventually continuing and allowing her to climax will make her eventual orgasm feel incredible and much more powerful than a regular orgasm. You can repeat this process as many times as you like but you do need to eventually push her over the edge. This can sound frustrating, but when done correctly it can lead her to having the most earth-shattering orgasms of her life.

Equally, she can try these exact same techniques on you. Vibrator On Her Clit Using a vibrator on her clit is similar to rubbing her clit with the tip of your finger as I explained here. Here are some things you can do with the vibrator on her clit… You can push the tip of it into a particular side of her clit. You can rub it over and back on her clit. Every woman has techniques that she prefers. Some simply want a vibrator held in place. My advice is to experiment with different techniques to find which ones she enjoys the most. Clitoral Hood — I previously mentioned how some women have an overly sensitive clit. As a result, you may need to use her clitoral hood as a buffer. So if your partner has an overly sensitive clit, instead of directly touching it with the vibrator, press it against her clitoral hood.

Maximum Coverage Stimulating every part of the outside of her entire vagina is naturally going to make it easier for her to come. So if she has trouble getting off, then this technique should help to push her over the edge. All you need to do is press the vibrator against her vagina like in the illustration above, with the tip pressed underneath her clit. You should try using her vibrator during sex too, especially if your girl struggles to climax. Using a vibrator with your girl during sex works best when she can easily reach her clit without your bodies being in the way. So positions like Doggy or Spooning or even Cowgirl when she leans backward are perfect.

However, positions like Missionary or Coital Alignment Technique make it almost impossible to use a vibrator comfortably. Bullet vibrators and smaller clitoral stimulators are ideal when you need something less obtrusive. You could even try a cock ring learn more about cock rings with an attached vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Some companies even make vibrators meant to be worn during sex. They stimulate her both internally and externally by wrapping around your pubic bone. This can make her come while your penis is inside her next to the toy.

The toy will never provide emotional, human connection as you can. Dildos, Dildos, Dildos Dildos are exactly the same as your penis, right? And you can do the same things with them that your penis does, right? Too large and it will be painful for your partner. You can choose a glass or hard plastic dildo, which is fine, but some women may find this too rigid. There are a bunch of other things to figure out too. Realistic looking or novelty shaped? Many people skip lube when using sex toys or even during having sex.

Lube makes sex feel better for everyone involved. You can go longer without discomfort, and so can she. You can experiment with inserting larger toys. And lube can prevent microtears in her vagina that makes her susceptible to infections. Choosing lube will make your girl more comfortable, and that increases the odds you can give her an orgasm. G Spot Focus Focusing it on her G Spot is the first thing that comes to most people when using a dildo on their partner. Doing this is a simple case of angling the dildo so that pressure is applied to her G Spot with each stroke as you are pushing it in and out. If you want to make her come but she needs intense G-spot stimulation, a hard glass or even metal dildo just might do the trick.

A warning about the A-spot: Remember that the vagina ends in a small neck, the cervix, that separates it from the uterus. Be careful to avoid her cervix or use gentler motions when stimulating her A-spot. Again, you can perform the same motion of dragging the tip of the dildo across it with every thrust in and out. If you like, you can thrust it deeply and then just hold it in place. Once deep inside, you can pay attention to her clit or elsewhere on her body. Looking for more ways to use a dildo? It can be the perfect way to warm her up for anal sex beforehand.

Make sure that your dildo has a flared base before inserting it. Otherwise, you risk losing it inside her! If you have a free hand, you can also finger her or rub her clit while using the dildo on her anally. There is a bunch of different combinations you can use for double penetration: You penetrating her vaginally while using a dildo on her anally. Having anal sex while you penetrate her vaginally with a dildo. Regular vaginal sex while she is wearing a butt plug. One in her ass remember, it should be flared! One in her ass, one in her vagina.

There are also toys that have multiple penetration points for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation and some offer clitoral stimulation, too. Some curved vibrators can also be used for this. Double penetration is a more advanced technique, so you may want to save this until after she is more comfortable with the previous techniques to give her an orgasm during intercourse. If you penetrate her anally, do not penetrate her vagina afterward. Doing so will bring fecal matter poop into her vagina which will cause an infection. Make sure to thoroughly clean yourself first. Using Other Sex Toys There are a lot more sex toys that you can be using besides dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators.

There is a nearly endless supply of sex toys you can buy, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing on everything that is possible when it comes to sex toys. Anal Beads Anal beads are very similar to butt plugs but are more like a series of butt plugs that are strung together. You can insert them into your partner and then pull them out. This alone is enough for some women, but others prefer to have them pulled out as they reach orgasm. Find out more in the Anal Bead Guide. Cock Rings Cock rings come in many flavors. They are circular devices that fit around the base of your penis to keep it erect. We advise that you use a cock ring that stretches to prevent it from getting stuck on your penis and damaging it.

Find out more in this post about cock ring s. Restraints Restraints can be a great way to dominate your partner and leave them powerless.

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