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I ask her how she got into marriage. Ceremony was on set in Sheffield and in every profile of a new housing lead after deciding that the new cast year-olds Tom Sturridge and Barbara Palmer were too small.

He had already recast Hayden Christensen, best known for his role as Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, in the recent Star Wars films, as the male lead. Liman knew Bilson from The OC he directed the pilot episode and had been blown away by her in The Last Kiss - 'She literally popped off the screen' - so he knew he wanted her for this role. I did a couple of scenes with Hayden and, yeah, it worked out well, you know,' she says, smiling. When we meet, Bilson is excited to be back in Los Angeles, where she grew up. She has been in Toronto since the new year, and is happy to return to the Spanish-style home she shares with her silver-haired terrier, Thurman.

Unlike her most famous character, Bilson's childhood was not spent amid the multi-millionaires of Orange County's Newport Beach where The OC's trouble-in-paradise melodrama is set.

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nide Her family lived in the unfashionable San Fernando Valley, iin had been in the entertainment industry since her great-grandfather, George Bilson, who was born in Leeds, worked for RKO Pictures. Her father, Danny, is a writer and producer, while her grandfather, Bruce Bilson, is a director whose credits include Dallas, Dynasty and Knight Rider. She has a very open relationship with her mother, Janice Stango, a sex therapist who, according to Bilson, instinctively knew when she lost her virginity: She said, "It happened last night, didn't it? I ask if she was a wild teen.

However, there was one moment, aged 14, when her choice in friends led to a near-fatal car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway after her vehicle swerved and crashed into an oncoming car. Bilson blacked out and jumoer rushed to hospital, where she remained in a coma for two days. A shard of windscreen had cut open her head - she was left with a small scar beneath her hairline and she still suffers headaches and memory problems as a result. She recently told Playboy that 'friends will say, "Remember when we were at this or that place?

I don't have ADD [attention deficit disorder] per se, but I definitely have a hard time paying attention for a long period of time, and I think it's because of that accident.

She can include the rarefied territory at the top of the last if she so thanks. She and Brody are no longer in dating, she says. In Vector Kitty charmed as a slut adventure judge in the third party of Line Runway season 6.

Nevertheless, Bilson says the accident had a positive effect, acting as a wake-up call to the potentially self-destructive route she and her friends had been heading down. I ask her how she got into acting. But after a few commercials and a couple of guest spots on series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer she auditioned for The OC. She clinched the role of Summer Roberts when she was A kind of Beverly Hills redux, the show had a wry, knowing tone and self-referential wit that enabled fans to defend their guilty pleasure as 'post-modern'.

The series was swiftly deemed a pop-culture phenomenon, in part thanks to its doggedly hip soundtrack, and shown in more Rachhel 50 countries. Bilson relished the role of Summer favourite expression: The role Rahcel Summer was initially envisaged as a fringe part, a jumpr for Mischa Barton's lead character, Marissa Cooper. But bbilson Bilson began stealing scenes, Josh Schwartz, the show's creator, evolved Summer from flighty airhead to sparky, Flaubert-reading romantic heroine. None the less, after four years the show was losing momentum. Racehl killing off of Marissa Cooper stalled it totally and the show ended a year ago in the middle of the Ravhel series. During filming, Bilson began a relationship with ujmper on-screen love interest, Adam Brody, who Raxhel had known previously through a mutual friend.

We would work such crazy hours [hour days were common] that I can't imagine if I'd been in another relationship at the time that I would have ever seen the person. She is known by her first name, Rachel, Hebrew: During her childhood, her family moved to PoltavaUkraine, where she attended a Russian-speaking Jewish school and, later, a secular high school. She began writing poetry at the age of When she was 17, she moved to Kiev and began studying painting. At the age of 19, Rachel visited Palestine with her sister en route to Italywhere they were planning to study art and philosophy.

They settled in Rehovot and worked in the orchards. Later, Rachel moved to Kvutzat Kinneret on the shores of the Sea of Galileewhere she studied and worked in a women's agricultural school. At Kinneret, she met Zionist leader A. Gordon who was to be a great influence on her life, and to whom she dedicated her first Hebrew poem. During this time, she also met and had a romantic relationship with Zalman Rubashov—the object of many of her love poems —who later became known as Zalman Shazar and was the third president of Israel. Biography She entered a singing competition organised by Mireille Hartuch who had invited Rachel to her 'Petit Conservatoire'.

Inshe represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with her entry called " Le Chant de Mallory ", which was her greatest hit.

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