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The Twink Tank

Leveling Freezing Band which can be found in the Austion Warriot. And man, is she continued fun to target. Hebe Bloodrage to make up some Idea.

Some 19s are going to want Glove Reinforcements on their gloves. It requires level lvll to apply, and cannot be applied through the trade window, which means that BoE gloves need to be reinforced before you equip them. For Professions, look at Engineering and Alchemy.

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Engineering headpieces are basically almost always BiS. It also has Alchemist's Flask - which is usable at despite tooltip and adds 8 to your primary stat. First Aid has been rolled into tailoring, but 1 don't require first aid to use. Have a toon somewhere with tailoring that can make Mageweave Bandages. Thats right, scaling is so weird that mageweave at 19 heals the most. There are two boot enchant options, Minor Speed, and any "hybrid" boot enchant with speed and 2 of a stat blurred speed, boar's speed, etc.

The hybrid enchants do NOT stack with any other movespeed options. To do 7 I use the relatively straightforward expedient of binding Revenge to my Thunder Clap and Sunder Armor keys, like so: The constant AoE threat generated by Thunder Clap helps keeps mobs focused on you.

Keep the Sunders flowing out, and hit Revenge when you need. Keep Taunt and Mocking Blow wrarior if someone gets uppity, and Heroic Strike in those rare cases Revenge is not available. But the Prot style is a lot of fun, and the more mobs you pull, the more buttons you get to push. GEAR Gearing a twink tank is pretty straightforward.

Keep in mind that Dodge and Parry are important not only to lessen damage taken, but also to proc Revenge. Revenge is very important as your Rage dump. Use it instead of Heroic Strike. Have something there, at least! The Defense contributes to your Parry and Dodge chances and offsets the lower Stamina and Strength contributions of this cloak. I prefer Armor, personally. But it looks so UGLY on my dwarf! The BoA brings the most Armor of any piece listed here, More on that later. These are great gauntlets that are a random world drop and often sold on the AH. Unfortunately, to get them both, you have to faction change. The Seal of Sylvanas is so good you should seriously consider it.

They provide a slight boost to your DPS and a small stream of healing while fighting packs of trash. Finally, the Minor Recombobulator is an acceptable option for swapping out with your PvP trinket if you need to help out your healer or other party member. Think of it as a minor Innervate! Those two have definite value in PvP, but the defensive value of the Crossfire trumps them here. I know, warriors tanking with daggers? Good tanking axes are hard to find at this level.

19 Twink warrior lvl my

The debate about the best twink enchant for your weapon rages on, but the contenders for tanking are: Each has their strengths and weaknesses. I prefer Crusader on my weapons because of the massive damage bonus it gives to all of my abilities when it procs. Lifestealing can lessen the load on your healer. I recommend Crusader, but can see the point of all the other enchants, too.

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