How to enjoy a vibrator

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8 Tips for Using Your Vibrator the First Time

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In fact, one of the biggest problems with most low-end vibrators is that if the intensity is not right, there is no way to adjust it. So it can end up being too weak or too powerful, and there is nothing you can do to adjust it. Shape — For many women, the shape of their vibrator is not very important when using it. This is especially true for those of you who are only interested in clitoral stimulation and using your vibrator on the outside of your vagina. If you want penetration also, then obviously the shape of your vibrator is important too. Noise — The last thing to touch on when choosing a vibrator is noise.

If you share a house with others, you will naturally want to be discreet. My advice is to avoid the cheaper, less well-made vibrators is you want a quiet one. This could involve things like: Having a long, hot bath beforehand.

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Check it out here to learn how. The ehjoy important strategy for achieving maximum pleasure is knowing your body intimately so that you understand the exact buttons you need to press to bring you over the edge into an ocean of orgasmic bliss. If you currently struggle with reaching orgasm and climaxing but want to learn how to make it super simple, then check out my mind-blowing and fibrator guide on making yourself orgasm here. How To Use A Vibrator — tl Intense Techniques The key with the techniques below vvibrator experimenting vibbrator them enjky figuring out s ones work best for you.

Vibrator Foreplay Start by softly dragging your vibrator over your most sensitive HHow areas. These are places like your breasts and nipples and the inside of your thighs. For some people, they find that their neck, lips, stomach and even the inside of their elbows really! Keep teasing yourself by gently trailing your vibrator around it, running it over the outside of your labia and above your clitoris until your body is crying out for more direct contact. Gentle Teasing Gentle Teasing is similar to the previous technique, except this time you will be focusing more directly on your vagina but only making very light contact.

Start by applying the tip of your vibrator to the bottom of your vagina and slowly dragging it upwards towards your clit. Once you reach the top of your vagina, above your clit, slowly drag it back down. Move the tip of your vibrator over your clitoris and start applying direct pressure to it. There are bunch of things you can do here: You may prefer to push the tip of your vibrator into a particular side of your clit. You may prefer to rub it over and back on your clit. You may prefer to circle your clit slowly or very rapidly. You may prefer to keep softly teasing yourself by applying minimum pressure. The key is experimenting with different techniques and finding the part of your clit that feels most enjoyable and pleasurable with your vibrator.

These masturbation techniques that focus on your clit will give you some more ideas of what you can do with your vibrator on your clitoris. Clitoral Hood Some women find that direct contact on their clitoris is too intense and can even be painful. This is the little flap of skin that covers your clitoris.

So instead using your vibrator on your clitoris, use it on your clitoral hood instead. This way the vibrations will be less intense but still enjoyable. Coming In From Below This technique is universally popular as you will be able to stimulate the entire outside of your vagina with it. You need to take your vibratorr and press the length vibbrator it against your vagina. If you squeezed your legs together in this position, you would easily be able to keep your vibrator in place. Tweet Many vibrators come with instruction manuals to tell you how it works but few actually show you what to do with one.

This might seem self explanatory but if you have never used a vibrator before, you may not know what to do. This guide offers you advice about how to enjoy your vibrator to its full extent and discover the intense sexual pleasure you can get from using a vibrator. Get to know your vibrator Take your vibrator out of the packaging. If it does come with an instruction manual or leaflet, read it before you start pressing buttons. If it needs to be charged before use, plug in the charger. Many rechargeable vibrators use a charger similar to a mobile phone charger.

Charge it for the recommended time to ensure it is fully charged before use. If it requires batteries, find out what type How to enjoy a vibrator takes. Some sex toy companies provide free batteries with their products. Some products have a small paper disc inside the battery compartment on top of the batteries which should be removed before use. Check the vibrator for any sharp edges or seams. Ensure that it is fully intact and all wires are covered and secure in the battery or charging case. Contact the supplier if you are unsure about your product before using it as many will not refund or exchange a product if it has been used, unless it is faulty. Work out if it has independent motors which work separately as seen in some rabbit vibrators, where the body of the vibrator works independently from the ears.

Familiarising yourself with the control mechanisms will mean you can enjoy uninterrupted sex play and not have to fiddle with the controls at that crucial moment! Experiment on your own It How to enjoy a vibrator a good idea to experiment with your vibrator before using it with a partner. Getting to know your vibrator will make you feel less self conscious in front of your partner. Once you have familiarised yourself with your vibrator, you can show them what feels good and how to use the vibrator on you. Make time for yourself in private, lock the door, if you can, and turn on some music if you have flatmates, children, thin walls or elderly relatives wandering about the house.

Many vibrators are quite quiet but if you are concerned about being heard, cover the vibrator with a duvet or pillow. However, it will probably be you making all the noise and not your vibrator! Use a mirror This may seem strange but using a mirror to see what you are doing can be a great turn on as well as informative. Keep the lights on so you can see specific places on your body that respond to stimulation. This will enable you to tell your partner where to touch you to ensure they hit the right spot. If you are visually impaired, having a heightened sense of touch enables you to find out how your body responds to your vibrator and what you like. Play with your vibrator all over your body Play with your vibrator on other parts of your body such as your neck, nipples, insides of thighs rather than jumping into clitoral or vaginal massage, to feel the power of the vibrations.

Some vibrators double up as body massagers too, such as the Doxy and Rocks-Off Purple Heart offer powerful vibrations, ideal for easing aching muscles as well as stimulating your clitoris and vagina. Enjoy massaging your body all over, noticing how your vibrator feels in your hand. If you have limited mobility or manual dexterity, experiment with supporting your vibrator on a pillow or cushion or held between your knees. Some vibrators such as Fun Factory Stronic Eins and Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion contain magnets which create a thrusting action which can be left in place if your manual dexterity is impaired.

Take your time Start by gently massaging your clitoris with your vibrator on the lowest speed setting to familiarise yourself with the feeling of waves of vibrations. You may not have experienced such feelings of stimulation before, so take your time to enjoy this sensual touch. Slowly increase the speed setting to a level that feels pleasurable for you. Keep your vibrator in the same place to allow a build up of sensations as your body responds to this sexual stimulation or slowly move it against your body to enjoy different levels of pleasure. If the vibrations feel too strong, lower the speed setting, use a gentler touch or try using a towel between you and your vibrator. Some women enjoy lower speed settings and happily achieve powerful orgasms whereby others require stronger stimulation to reach orgasm.

Many women use a vibrator during sexual intercourse to reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Experiment with the vibration patterns to find one to suit your needs. Some women enjoy full on vibration modes, other prefer intermittent and revving patterns which slowly increase the intensity of the vibration, then decrease it. This mode may be best suited to someone who orgasms very quickly as it allows them to prolong their sexual excitement and pleasure. Experiment with pressure Use your vibrator to experiment with different levels of pressure, from feather-like caresses over your clitoris to deep pressure, to find out what turns you on.

Even though they are smaller in size, they still contain powerful motors and are ideal for slipping between you and your partner during sexual intercourse. Many vibrators are shaped to a tapered end, making insertion easy and some have a shaped head, such as OhMiBod Cuddleideal for g-spot stimulation but also great for clitoral play too as they cover a larger area, sending out waves of vibrations through your clitoris and vagina. Massaging your vibrator all over your labia, hood of your clitoris and just inside your vagina will produce a variety of stimulation. Most vibrators feel even more pleasurable when used with a lubricant.

Again, when choosing a sexual lubricant, select one that is skin safe too.

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