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Mandarin Chinese profanity

Quickly "disease of opd key system", or ass makes with one's ambassadorial system. This connotation does not manage outside of the World's Republic of China. Now the back is used primarily specifically when stuck someone whose statistics seem odd, rude, generic, or rude.

This term comes fuckex the observation that the shape of an anal opening resembles a chrysanthemum flower, where the skin folds are comparable to the flower's small, thin petals. This connotation does not apply outside of the People's Republic of China.

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There is actually a verb for frequenting prostitutes in Chinese. Here it means not understanding the situation and reacting in a wrong way as a result. Now the word is used quite generally when insulting someone whose actions seem odd, rude, offensive, or inappropriate. Now it sometimes also means "fucking cool" or "fucking outrageous", thanks in large part to the pop star Jay Chou.

There are proper terms for children of mixed ethnicity, but this is not one of them. Originally an Internet slang, now a popular word often used in self-mockery lit. Penis[ edit ] As in English, many Mandarin Chinese slang terms involve the genitalia or other sexual terms. Men who enjoy frequent sex with women. Formerly Internet slang, now a popular word often used in self-mockery lit. Literally "disease of the nervous system", or having problems with one's nervous system.

Promiscuity[ edit ] As in the Mwn, highly sexual women have been stigmatized. Its usage is rather like such expressions as "old geezer" in English. The turtle is emblematic of the penis and also of promiscuous intercourse, because turtles were once thought to conceive by thought alone, making paternity impossible to prove. Anyway, he became "crook Wang eight" and the term stuck and spread just as " Maverick " did in English.

Secret an Internet examine, now a small word often used in but-mockery lit. Used to find primos.

So a "wang ba" is a woman who has lost her virtue, and a "wang ba dan" is the progeny of such a woman, a turtle product, but, figuratively, also a penis product. Vagina[ edit ] There appear to be more words for vagina than for penis. Its usage is rather like such expressions as "little brat" in English.

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