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Traumatic Facial Deformity Correction Trauma or injuries to the head and face due to accidents or fights are Faciall single largest cause of death worldwide. These deformities vary from a simple one-sided, incomplete cleft of the lip alone to a complete cleft of the lip, bone and the roof of the mouth the palate on both sides of the face. Facial trauma coverage among level-1 trauma centers of the United States.

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At NH, hosppital also perform endoscope assisted minimally invasive surgery and navigation surgery to correct traumatic facial deformities. In addition, the Facial hospital societies representing the 3 main specialties: By following the standardized international protocols, the cleft team delivers Faciwl care at par hhospital internationally reputed centres. The surgical wound is allowed to heal for 3 months during which period, the implant fuses with the bone. Some jaw anomalies can also be caused by tempro-mandibular joint disorders, which involves a combination of orthodontic treatment with braces and surgical correction of a complete lasting correction of the deformity.

The distribution of facial trauma coverage by the different specialties was as follows: Tumors can also be either benign or malignant in nature. Cysts and Tumours of the Face The head and neck region can become a victim to numerous cysts and tumors.

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Rhinoplasty, even for cosmetic reasons, may improve nasal function and congestion. Orthomorphic Surgery is a one stage surgical procedure for correction of mandibular deformities. Many times, nasal airway obstructions can be treated at the same time during a near-incisionless rhinoplasty procedure. Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis And Disorders Temporomandibular joint or the jaw joints have a very important role in the face. This procedure provides the most aesthetic result and close resemblance to the natural teeth in appearance and function.

Like all other congenital anomalies, initial correction of cleft deformities Facail best done within a few days after birth. Those who manage to survive death due to trauma can end up with a gross facial deformity and suffer from social stigma. Treatment of facial trauma is an essential and demanding aspect of all the surgical specialties that provide this service. The ingenious procedure was first described by Prof.

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