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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

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Once happily stoned, the duo realize that there is only one more thing they need to achieve perfect happiness, those scumptious square hamburgers from White Castle. But the nearest White Castle is a long drive away and it will get a lot longer as Harold and Kumar run into all kinds of characters and crazy adventures along the way.

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Continue reading Show less Is it any good? This unpretentiously genial little stoner comedy has a couple of things going for it. The characters and jokes are a bit above average for a genre with admittedly low standards. And its very unambitiousness gives the film moments that almost approach charm. Many of Harold and Kumar's adventures are gross, disgusting, and downright stupid. However, there are a couple of moments that are funny, sweet, and even smart, and some commentary on race and ethnicity that almost qualifies as subtle. Cho and Penn are engaging, especially when they sheepishly but then with increasing joy sing along with Wilson Phillips, and there are appearances by Fred Willard, Neil Patrick Harris, and Anthony Anderson.

hsrold I also give it extra credit for avoiding the obvious forms of triumph over the bad guys. The movie's stormy themes may strike a special cord with teenagers who feel at times that no one understands them. They, and adults as well, will appreciate the dark humor that leads to a bright resolution. Parents of young teens, however, should be cautioned about mature subject matter and sexual situations.

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Alarmingly pale Bud Cort gives us an idea of what frail Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol hrold look like at age 20, and Ruth Gordon's sprightliness lends the perfect Ses. Their performances earned them each a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination. The Cat Stevens soundtrack hasn't lost its impact over the years. In a movie that references Vietnam, his songs feel as natural a Volkswagen Bug and girls named Sunshine. The lyrics speak for the characters, reminding us that if you want to sing out, sing out, and if you want to be free, be free. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about why Harold acted out the way he did.

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