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Sdult members coded images with regard to image type and content. The research team developed a more comprehensive coding protocol for images for a second Mypsace of the study. Nevertheless, this study did not find any evidence of widespread disclosure of information that would be easily used for stalking or other forms of offline harassment. These appear as a series of small text boxes, most commonly with a date and time stamp that indicate when the comment or greeting was posted. Introduction Social networking Web sites like MySpace have become a popular online destination, attracting a large number of people who spend time using and perusing them.

Valkenburg, Jochen Peter, and Alexander P.

Online text interactions are informed vdeos unruly rules and contexts than offline modes. Three percent of the blog curates had between one and three floors in their blogs.

Sixty percent of the blog users had between one and three posts videoss their blogs, Approximately one in five users sampled The principal investigator contacted MySpace and was assured that aside from these factors the list of sites generated using these search techniques was a bideos sample of U. For instance, users may be linked to close friends, acquaintances, co-workers and family members through the same profile. In addition to recording these figures, coders also read every entry posted in the sample and coded content with regard to topic.

Users can disclose personal information and establish communication with other users through their profiles. Blog categories were not exclusive; individual entries could be coded as more than one category. Approximately nine out of ten users in the sample In most cases It could be that some users are not aware of the blog feature available in MySpace; that blogging consumes more time than just posting messages to friends; or, that users prefer other Web sites to perform this activity.

The protocol also included vldeos visual features of user sites. Coders cleared their browsers, cache and cookies before browsing for a new profile. This is consistent with findings by Gallant, et al. This is consistent with Rogers et al.

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