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atrori Connect with This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. Artori Advertisement Apr 26, at Living up to its reputation, its behind-the-camera stories are just as interesting as the on-screen misdemeanours of its characters. Our knowledge about the show and its cast is so limited that even Jon Snow might be more aware than us. Wikia With sex and violence in equal measure, HBO appears to have had a realistic approach in its casting process. Couple this approach with the show's intense sex scenes and it won't be a surprise to guess where some of the cast comes from.

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So, here are 6 Game of Thrones actors you had no idea were porn stars: Sibel Kekilli Tyrion Attogi now-deceased mistress Shae left an impression on the imp during Pornn earlier seasons. When Tyrion is invited to King's Landing to be the Hand of the King, Shae accompanies him and becomes an integral part of things. Anyway, before Sibel Kekilli took a dive into mainstream acting, she was making a name for herself in the adult film industry under the name Dilara. I primi cinque attori non hanno misure straordinarie, ma li abbiamo inseriti per due motivi: Dal nome sembrerebbe in grado di rompere le noci di cocco con il suo arnese. Sledge Hammer ha capito che incutendo timore le dimensioni percepite aumentano.

Se alla soglia dei 18 cm ti chiamano Shorty dovresti intuire che ti stai buttando in un mondo fatto di Titani. Noto come il gentleman del porno. Sa impressionare, ma anche essere romantico. Con Chris entriamo nella Top Nonostante la misura, cerca di fare il misterioso, quello che ha qualcosa da nascondere.

Ramon se la ride. Lo vediamo in una foto dove va a rimpiazzare personalmente un albero maestro su una barca a vela. Per il ciclo 'Pretty fly for a white guy' 5.

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