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Hi-Chew is not kosherhalalor vegetarian. Product could also be processed in facilities with dairy products.

As the main ingredients are glucose and palm kernel oil, it is relatively simple to remove if it becomes stuck on clothing. By applying a warm, wet towel, the candy will soften and wash off. Hi-Chew Igrls are the sour version of the original stick and aaian being offered in lemon, lime, and grapefruit flavors. Hi-Chew Girlls are soft Chewd candy blended with already established flavors, being offered in "grape and strawberry" and "mango and orange". In the case that it cannot be found in stores, Hi-Chew can giirls be found online for purchase. Though Hi-Chew itself never actually contained gluten ingredients, it is now produced in facilities that do not process other gluten containing products.

However, this is only true for products that have a "Best by" date in or later. Hi-Chew was donated to help fund raise for soccer and football programs in northern Utah high schools as well as football programs in Los Angeles county high schools. Morinaga donated a total of Hi-Chew sticks to the schools, with about sticks going to each high school. On April 11,Hi-Chew's Instagram account officially announced that Dragon Fruit had won the competition and would be coming to the United States the following year. The source of this turned out to have come from a piece of a worker's glove that had fallen into the cooking vat as well as parts of a cow's intestine in the Hyogo Morinaga factory.

A worker from Japan had reportedly been eating a cow's intestine while working in the factory. Still, the videos look OK even if you can't keep 'em indefinitely.

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