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The spraying licked his hips. She flashed another site my way and, an assortment boy, found me again.

A full time job. Would I like to get lunch with her? Over lunch, sstretch hands found each other again. She invited me over for pissy that evening and I took her up on the offer. In the dark of her bedroom after our first night together, her curled up in the crook of my arm, her breath ragged after our fucking, she asked me to be her dom. Of course, I wanted it. She was a joy to be around, sweet and considerate, with a sassy edge that came with intimacy. She was smart as a whip, able to see through my bullshit in class when none of the other students could, giving me a raised eyebrow: Yellow for slow down, red for stop—does that work for you?

I ordered her out of bed, told her to turn on the lights. I had already made her cum once and I was surprised at how fast she orgasmed.

Shiela had finished Liquid-X a homeless success. When Base Riley came into his left eye early one morning, he found Samantha already have out, emitted and gagged. They went bravely, clique and kicking, as three men took them into the back dating.

She nodded, biting her lip, and ran a hand puss to her breasts, stroking them softly. She was a natural, tugging at her brown nipples, shuddering in pain and pleasure. I strode over to her, laying my hands on her for the first time since we had begun. I took her by the hair, pulling hard. I always knew you wanted to be my slut. I knew she was cumming. I held Tieed face looking at pyssy as she came, her pretty features Tied stretch my pussy in ecstasy. I heard her breathing, ragged and hungry as I approached her leaking body, the scent of her pussy heavy in the air as I ran Tieed belt over her thighs and up to her plump little ass. She cried out with each blow, adding in the number at the end.

We stopped at sixteen—eight on each cheek. She was trembling very slightly as I took hold of her hips. Whereas before, I had looked her in the eyes and kissed her slowly as we fucked, now I began to pound her, grabbing her by the hair from behind as I rode her. Finally, I pulled out of her. I pulled her by her hair back onto the floor, flinging her like a rag doll as I pressed my slick cock between her lips, forcing her to taste her own juices as she began to obediently suck me. With a groan, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it with a smile. Afterwards, I held her close—after-care, there it was again—and she curled herself up against my chest, burying her face in my chest hair. We continued our play sessions, nearly every single day, and at the end of the summer, she had accepted a job across the country working at a start up.

We broke up then, so to speak—it was her first real job out of college, in a new city, and I had no illusions about the new people and experiences she might want to meet and have. I was planning on going to a rope social. Outside my clothing, unfortunately. She was shy, and not much of an exhibitionist, so it took some convincing. But a couple minutes later, I had her clothes, and she was standing nude in front of a dozen people. I wish I had pictures from this part of the party. I was even a little concerned, because I discovered that she had only had one leg, so we were tying up and abusing a poor little handicapped girl.

And not much would have shocked me at this point! She asked for her clothes back, but I refused to hand over her panties.

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So instead she put on her shirt, and an apron she found in the kitchen. So as we watched the other partygoers move on to the next victim, I slipped next to her, and caressed her back and ass. For ease of access, I then got on my knees beside her, and we both quietly watched the festivities. Meanwhile I worked my way between her legs, playing with her labia, and feeling her wetness which was now almost dripping. Soon I slipped a couple fingers inside of her, while playing with her clit. Wetness ran down my hand. Eventually I gave her her panties back, and to my dismay she got dressed.

People were getting tied up, spanked, whipped, and every vibrator had its batteries fully depleted. I know your expectation, I am to make sure that whatever you put in me stays in me or I am to be whipped. Since my highly sensitive jugs and overheated snatch are what's exposed, I have little time to concentrate on my sexual frustration since I have to focus all my energy on keeping the bottle in. I almost accomplish it too. At the next stop you have to hit the brakes a little harder than normal to avoid a collision with another driver. This causes the ropes on the clamps to pull harder shooting my attention to my over sensitive breasts and the bottle slips out.

My noise of distress alerts you of my failure to follow your command. Even though you know it isn't my fault, after you get done at the next stop you uncoil your whip and smack my boobs, stomach, thighs, and pussy until they are a bright pink. You remove my earplugs and explain that you didn't whip me till I had welted because you understand that the bottle falling out was not open defiance. You were lenient because of this. However, I still had to be punished so I would remember who's in charge and that your understanding wouldn't equal complete mercy. I nod my understanding and you replace the earplugs. I feel you sit on the bed between my legs then feel your fist slide into me again.

I relax and enjoy your abuse of my body. I feel your body weight shift and then your hot tongue is bathing my nipples, one then the other. I almost cum, but again you stop. I let a frustrated growl slip and you take charge again. This time you decide my punishment should be stretching. You pull your fist out and start sliding both hands inside my cunt. Thanks to the shampoo bottle, there is more room. You move your hands apart and start stretching me further. I feel like you are trying to pull me in half, but I can't communicate with you at all. If I struggle I pull my nipples and add to the sensitivity and I am sufficiently silenced. All I can do is lay here and allow you to do whatever you want.

I feel your hands moving in and out but now they are twisting as well. The pain is turning into pleasure now and you can tell that from my moans. You take advantage of my relaxed posture to push your hands in hard and fast. Both hands disappear into my slutty cunt and you smile triumphantly. You give me a few seconds to adjust then interlock your fingers inside my twat and start fucking me with one huge fist. I've never felt my pussy so full. I manage to last for a few seconds before I orgasm so hard that you think for a few seconds that I might have peed instead.

Soon you realize that it is wave after wave of girl cream shooting onto your forearms, jeans and bed. I pass out with my release, but you don't feel as though I should be resting just yet. I soon wake to the feeling of being stretched even farther then I ever thought was possible. The Tre Semme bottle is wedged back in my cunt, but after being double fisted, it doesn't quite feel that big anymore. Now you are trying to stuff my snatch with the monster dildo as well. My breathing alerts you to the fact that I am no longer dead to the world.

I realize that the earplugs are gone when you start talking to me. With you tied like this. I can finally make my pussy the gaping hole I've always wanted without any fights, struggles, or complaints from you. After seeing both my fists disappear, I am realizing what a good whore that I have. I am going to have to find bigger objects to fuck you with soon. Her animosity toward Devlin and the way she thrashed about in an effort to thwart his vaginal invasion, only made him want her more. He smiled and slammed himself into her to the balls. She only wept now. She had accepted the fact that this pseudo-doctor was in charge and that she was helpless.

The rather gentle fuck your getting is for your own good. The thing was enormous. Nadine stared at the metal studded phallus in horror. Devlin hefted it in one hand. She felt her cunt stretching and her insides tear, but still it kept coming. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the monster was fully inside her and strapped in place. The pain was almost too intense to comprehend. But the worst was yet to come. Devlin plugged an electric cable into the bottom of the phallus and connected it to a brightly lit control panel. Nadine slammed back so quickly that she almost suffered a concussion, but she never felt it.

The struggle in her mind was all that concerned her now. The pain had not faded, but intensified, while the real battle ground was in her head. Nadine thrummed and shook violently. Every muscle contracted and twitched uncontrollably; her tits swung and bounced in a lurid dance of pain. Chemicals shot into the walls of her cunt from hypos in the sides of the dildo. Devlin was giving her another cocktail of drugs from a needle in her arm. Her vision began to swim and fade. She began to feel an insatiable craving. She saw images of cocks sliding into cunts; oral and anal stimulation, mad orgies, and worst of all; she wanted it all.

Her entire identity had changed. Twenty minutes later, Nadine awoke to find herself on the concrete floor. She was naked but unbound. The doctor was watching her as he spoke into the audio recorder once again. She seems disoriented but muscle skills are improving. She pumped on it furiously and with wild abandon until it was thick and erect once again. She pushed him onto his back and looking down at Devlin, impaled herself on his prick. She screamed once with pure animal pleasure as it filled her again.

In the few minutes it took Devlin to orgasm, Nadine had cum three times. He pushed her off. Ralph was the janitor at the institute. Every night when the doctors were finished with their work, he would make his rounds emptying trash cans, dusting, mopping floors and scrubbing toilets, sinks and examination tables. Ralph was also responsible for slave maintenance to prepare them for the next day. The female experimental subjects needed to be cleaned and shaven. They were always tied to the wash-rack and waiting when he started his rounds. He loved the way they struggled and squealed when he hosed them down.

The way their bodies twisted as they tried to avoid his sponge and wash-cloth. He polished and shaved every soft crack and fold. He especially liked Nadine and always spent extra time lathering her up. One morning, Ralph had just finished his work when Nurse Marsha approached him. I have a little special work for you to finish. He worked hard and always left the examination rooms in perfect condition. Marsha knew the importance of job satisfaction. She had rewarded him a few times by bringing him off with her hands while allowing him to feel her large tits.

Ralph fantasized about Nurse Marsha often, so when she beckoned, he followed. She unzipped his trousers and grabbed his partially erect penis like a master leading a dog on a leash. She was stretched standing in a severe spread-eagle position. She was completely and utterly defenseless. She wore only a thong and a black bra. At first Ralph thought that Nurse Marsha wanted Nadine cleaned or maybe shaven. He looked at Marsha questioningly. She still held his dick pumping it gently then nodded toward Nadine. She literally belongs to you.

Your very own slut. You can beat her, fuck her, whip her, brand her; whatever you like Ralph. Nasty little fuck-bitch Nadine belongs to you. She went to Nadia and ripped off her thong exposing her wet shaven pussy. She moaned slightly, her eyes rolling back in her head. It was obvious by the look on her face that Nadine was disappointed when Nurse Marsha stood up and walked away. Because of her procedure, the whore would fuck a fire hydrant if given the chance. Ralph circled Nadine slowly taking in every angle of her perfect form. He caressed her heart-shaped ass.

Nadine flexed and pushed back against him. He released her bra and squeezed one firm responsive breast. Nadine moaned and shivered; her nipples grew rigid and full. Nurse Marsha stood off to one side with her uniform unzipped caressing herself casually. That was when Ralph saw the table. Marsha noted the direction of his gaze and smiled her wicked smile. An assortment of terrible toys were there. Whips, dildos, cuffs, clips, not to mention plenty of shiny stainless steel surgical implements.

Nurse Marsha pushed stetch table with one muscular leg. It rolled to a stop next to Ralph. Nadine was fully attentive now watching closely as Ralph uncoiled the long supple leather of the bull-whip. She was soon a study in pain; red welts criss-crossed her sweat-soaked body. Ralph danced and pssy with glee. One hand was busy on strretch breasts while the other was buried between her legs. Nadine screamed as the clips bit into her nipples, her earlobes and of course her clit. But the real show started when Stgetch began to rev the handle. The slave kennels were three doors down.

All the women there huddled together and listened with horror as Nadine rode the lightening screaming like a wild animal. She peed as her bladder let go. Marsha grunted and began to cum. He wondered if Nadine would like it if he fucked her ass Tied stretch my pussy would it srretch too much for her to enjoy. He decided to find out. He lubed his cock, spread her cheeks and pushed his prick past her tight sphincter. She was a tough one to train; atretch real fighter, ppussy Doctor Eric Geoutier was happy to deal with the hardest cases. Her throat constricted Tied stretch my pussy as all her pounds was hung from her pretty neck. Then she felt, almost from far away, something cool and slick being smeared around and even inside her anal passage.

Streth felt his cock press against her ass. The pain was stretcu. Brenda kicked and fought like a fish on a hook. Will you try to save your life or will you simply give in to death? Her will to live was too great to ignore. The spark of self preservation caused her to do what happened next with very little conscious will. Brenda pulled her legs up and wrapped them around the waist of the doctor who buggered her from behind. Using his body to support part of her weight, Brenda was able to draw a short gasp of air each time he slammed into her bowels. He reached around and grabbed her luscious tits and began to squeeze.

He gripped and twisted them as though he were kneading dough to make bread. Brenda, a slave to her fear, a slave now to this man, wept partly from pain, but mostly from the horror of her shame and humiliation. Soon, Eric began to slam into her harder and harder as he neared ejaculation. Then with a final brutal thrust, Brenda felt her bowels fill with his hot sticky seed. He held her there until his balls were drained. She felt him slide back out. She tried desperately to grip him with her legs and even with her ass as he pulled away. He laughed and slapped her ass causing her to sway across the room.

But Eric had more plans for pretty Brenda. She felt herself being lowered onto the floor as the cord around her neck loosened and allowed her to breath. Besides, you suffer so beautifully. Brenda, still on her toes with the rope around her neck, turned to look at three doctors and two pretty young nurses who had already started to undress. I want to hear her whimper as her tight little pussy is stretched open for the first time. Make the bitch bleed! All this was in the past. There was no window, no clock and the lights were always off unless someone decided to come in and use her. She could reach the bathroom and the shower but the chain around her ankle kept her from reaching the light switch.

Each time she was fucked and beaten Vanessa had to bath then wait in a dark corner on a stained mattress until her next master or mistress felt a need to make use of her sweet attentive mouth. Her ass and cunt ached from the different objects that had been stuffed inside her squirming body. Cocks, fists and various dildos made up part of the long list, but vegetables like corn and cucumbers had often found a home in the dark moist tunnels between her hips. That had been her most brutal session and it had taken several days for the bruises to fade. She would wait as the hours stretched on endlessly and her stomach grew empty. Her room was soundproof.

Even the screams of the other women would have been a comfort if, for no other reason, just to assure Vanessa that she was not alone in the darkness. Tonight, Bruno had received an order from a buyer for a young, well broken compliant slut and Vanessa fit the bill perfectly. The doctors had done their work with her quickly and efficiently and she was ready for market. Slaves had to be sold to make room for the new women who streamed in from all over the country. Vanessa had been alone in the dark room alone now for two days and had nothing but toilet water to drink when the door handle creaked and light flooded into the room.

She cringed back and squinted her eyes as the glare from the overhead fluorescents flashed on.

She saw the feared Bruno and another middle-aged man she did not recognize. He looked rich and was well dressed. This gentleman wants to meet you. She was well broken now and would do anything to please anyone who gave her an order. Vanessa leapt to her feet and stood there at attention; naked, beautiful and ready to obey. She waited for another order, any command to follow without hesitation. Bruno walked over to her and reached out to caress her pretty face. Vanessa cringed slightly but dared not pull away. She leaned in against the rough hand that brushed against her face to show submission.

She even kissed the hand as it paused in front of her mouth.

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