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Inside Eescorted Mai's remaining city walls are more than 30 temples dating back to the founding of the principality. The locals say you have not experienced Chiang Mai until toura have seen the view from Doi Suthep, eaten a bowl of kao soi, and purchased an umbrella from Bo Sang. Definitely make time for a visit to Doi Suthep, a temple located on top of a mountain with wonderful panoramic views or to a local elephant camp to see the animals at work and play. Northern Thailand is also the region to visit with genuine hill tribes to experience how they live their separate existence from the rest of society. They originally migrated from neighbouring ChinaTibet and Myanmar to the rural highlands of Northern Thailand to continue their traditional way of life as farmers in the mountains.

Further north is Chiang Rai. Despite its relatively small population, Chiang Rai has respected universities and other civic facilities. It includes a good percentage of hill tribes and Myanmar exiles such as various varieties of the Karen tribe of people.

The landscape is hilly and consists of lush jungle scenery through which the mighty Mekong River flows. With hundreds of beautiful tropical islands, Thailand has esxorted shortage of fine beach resorts. These include Phuket tour the west coast along with the quieter Phi Phi Islands reached by ferry from Phuket. Most of the luxury beach resorts can be found on the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket. Thai cities are bustling with market-sellers and tuk-tuks weaving through traffic. Buddha statues smile and temples sparkle. Your only dilemma is what to see and where to go next. Our Destination Specialists will help you plan your trip, but take a look at these suggestions.

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Thai is the official language of Thailand, but in the more popular regions and large cities, English is widely understood. We would suggest, however, taking a phrasebook if you intend to travel even a little off the beaten track. Try not to shake hands. The Thai way of greeting is called 'the wai'. It consists of a slight bow with the palms pressed together, in a prayer-like fashion.

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Thailand is an incredibly hospitable country and beach-life here is very accepting. However be respectful of Thai customs, religion and culture and particularly their monarchy, tourw whom they have great respect. Be sure to dress respectfully when entering places of worship, with everywhere between your shoulders and knees covered. Blog Beat the clock in Bangkok Bangkok is a thrilling city that not only offers temples, exciting cuisine and adventure, it also represents good value. Lampang is famous for its narrow streets and traditional horse-drawn carriages.

Visit a local paper and ceramic making village. Depart for Phayao, a rural lakeside town and once princely state. Proceed to Chiang Saen, situated wscorted the border with Laos. Visit Mae Sai, the Northern-most point of Thailand, stroll through the colorful local market and shop for Burmese handicrafts before arriving in charming Chiang Rai. Your hotel is located within easy access to the Mae Kok River. Today visit an elephant camp and see a demonstration of the role of the elephant in Thai agriculture, commerce and culture. Later visit an Orchid Farm.

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