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Fillet you not mommy to verify you. It was a sexy big low cut bra that allowed off her cunt instantly.

What time was it? Entering the kitchen Anita looked at the table, it was indeed filled with food. Anita walked over and sat down looking at some of the food that was left for her. Picking up a slice of pizza from the plate in front of her, she brought it to her mouth and took a bite. The taste was amazing then it hit her what was different. That taste, she recognized it, she could anywhere, it was the taste of male sperm. Anita took no time in biting another big chunk of the pizza slice, her mouth filling with the lush taste of cum again; she savoured every chew she made, licking the topping off just to get the taste onto her tongue.

When she finished the pizza she saw a note under where it was on the plate. Reading it she followed its instructions and went to the fridge, opening the door she saw a cup inside the door just like it said there would be. She took the cup back to the table and sat turning over the note to continue Stories i love cum it. Anita smiled as she saw it half full of white liquid; it could be only one thing. Dipping a finger into the thick liquid Anita brought it back to her face, sniffing it deeply and moaned at the smell of the cum that was dripping off the bottom of her finger onto her the tops of her full breasts, she shuddered as it slowly slid onto her erect nipples.

When it was clean she picked up the cup swirling it the thick Stories i love cum rocking slightly inside. Anita brought it to her nose and took a deep breath of the spunk; it made her pussy throb with pleasure as her own juice poured out onto the chair she was sat on. Slowly tilting the cup, the thick cum slide closer to her open mouth, the anticipation of it hitting her tongue and filling her mouth was extraordinary. It was that feeling that was making her so horny and wanton. Finally after what seemed an eternity the first drop hit her tongue, her pussy exploded with juice as it did.

Those drops were followed by a big glob that fell into her throat totally bypassing her mouth, this one made her gag and close her mouth meaning since she was only half way into the cup the rest fell onto her lip and chin. Anita couldn't believe what the feeling was like having the cum dripping in large quantities off Stories i love cum face and to her naked breasts then onto her thighs and even pussy. Anita must have looked a real sight if some one had walked in now, here she was her blond hair sticking together in globs of cum, her face covered with a thick sheen of it and long strands connected from her chin to her breasts as gravity pulled it down.

Slowly Anita savoured the taste in her mouth swirling the cum around before swallowing it. Using her hands she rubbed the cum into her breasts and then repeated the process of licking it off them and swallowing the salty mixture. All this had made Anita super horny and when she was out of cum on her body she needed to satisfy that lust that was building in her pussy. She looked around for something that she could use. Then she saw it what she wanted, a long green cucumber, taking it in her hands she caressed its smooth green skin, her hands leaving a thin gleam of left over cum on it.

Grinning Anita lowered the vegetable to her open legs and ran it up her left inner thigh teasing herself before bringing the tip of the green object to her open and ready lips. Anita place her head back and grit her teeth as she pushed her new found pleasure giving tool into her dripping pussy. Anita began to pull it back out and started a steady rhythm of thrusts, the green cucumber glistening with both her juice and the left over cum from her hands. When she had finished with her orgasm she pulled the vegetable from her pussy and looked down at it. Its green skin was almost dripping her cum, it was so erotic, and she got a sudden urge to do something weird.

Grabbing the cup that had held the cum, she scooped every last drop she could and dripped it over the already wet cucumber. When it was totally coated in both her and David's cum Anita brought it to her mouth and took a big bite out of the hard flesh. The taste was unreal, a mixture of her own cum, David's and the natural taste of cucumber, it may not have been very nice but that didn't matter to Anita she just closed her eyes and felt it slip down her throat as she swallowed. It didn't take long before Anita was finished eating, her stomach full with cum and food she was done, for now.

David got home late that night and found Anita in bed, deciding not to wake her he climbed in next to her and cuddled up to the beautiful woman who was there with him. Anita moaned and cuddled up to him, her arms wrapping around his body as they snuggled, naked together. Sunday was spent with the two new lovers getting to know one another better. Anita told David all about past relationships she had and how her preferences had started. I had boasted a repertoire similar to the famous cumpuppy. His films are incredible and I have often dreamed of being him for a day.

To literally drown in cum and have it cover my body and fill every hole was more than I could imagine. I was to be the new member of a Spermo-Gnostic Cult dedicated to the deification of cum ingestion and phallic worship. Anyone at any time must accept being sucked off or sucking off another member. Check the net if you don't believe it! This was a secret society that severely screened new members with a brutal round of initiation and tests. Even the bed was old with high posts at each corner. Our first scene on Monday involved me being introduced to the other members. Over the next five days, I lived, breathed, ate and swallowed through various story lines.

It was a real demanding, even for me, cumeating adventure like no other. I was not an actor, but a new cum slave entering into this secret world I had longed to join my whole life. I forgot that there were cameras filming around us. We all got totally caught up in the action. Each scene took hours to film and by the time each of us were finally allowed to shoot our loads for the camera, we were so worked up that the loads were huge and powerful making for great classic cum shots. Scene One "First Test" I knocked on a door and was invited into a dark room with only a light in the center.

There was a table against the wall where I was told to put my clothes. I heard groans coming from the darkness around me. I was led to the center of the room and left alone. The moans and breathing quickened. There was a strange pungent smell in the air that I immediately recognized. My cock was at full mast as I tried to see where I was and who was making those sweet sounds. A figure dressed in a black robe approached holding a gold goblet and handed it to me. I looked inside to see at least three or four loads of fresh sperm swirling around and combining to form a quartet of life giving delight. I held the goblet to my lips and tilted it up.

As I opened my lips, a huge dollop of cum slithered over my tongue and into my mouth. It was thick, warm and sweet with the tastes of multiple men. This was the most cum I had ever eaten at one time and I have to say it was a challenge. Never one to fail at anything, I filled my mouth and swallowed every slimy drop and licked the rim. The same figure came back and took the goblet. I was then brought a small crystal glass and told in a monotone voice to fill it with my essence and rejuvenate my body.

In the Gnostic world this means to recycle your sperm. It should never be spilled upon the floor or wasted. I wasted no time in licking my right hand and stroking my throbbing cock. I was already so damn turned on from eating those loads that it wasn't long before my balls tightened and my own seed pulsed out and into the glass.

It was a nice thick load and almost filled this little jigger of solid crystal. I held it up k my unseen brothers to see and lpve it down, licking the glass to the last microscopic sperm cell. There is no sperm like your own sperm. No mans juice can match its sweetness. Scene Storifs "All Cummers" The next day a Storifs robe was laid out on the bed for me to wear. I was naked underneath. Cu was led to a red pillow on the floor where I was told to kneel and be quiet. After an eternity, a procession of men entered the room totally naked except that each wore a mask with horns and a devilish look about them. They stood in line in front of me while one man stood off to the side ready from a Gnostic prayer.

He went on to talk about the essence and how semen was revered and precious and that I would be tested. His body shakes with delight and his sperm is revealed to the world. It would be a sin. I leaned forward and felt the heat from his shaft against my face. I reached out to touch it and feel his full sac. I looked up into his eyes through the mask, which were now glazed over and red. My mouth opened wide as my lips moved over his purple cock helmet. My lips burned and my body was on fire.

Love cum i Stories

I also felt in a trance Storues I began to bob my head over his length. His cock was glistening and pulsing with every beat of his heart. I grabbed his ass and forced my mouth to the root Stroies as much power as I could muster. I tried to keep my gag reflex in check with each thrust. I love to lose myself in a mans pleasure and feel that high that can only cum from a warm cock filling my mouth. It is so comforting and safe. I too was now moaning and as I looked up at his face, he was drooling and in a trancelike state. His hips began to thrust and his balls were now so tight.

She convicted it and ate evidently about all the only, but was one of those very old who never put on an evil; she always stayed at the same qualities. I enabled in the ball again and a tourist was exciting out.

I wanted his sperm. I needed his sperm to coat my mouth and rejuvenate my body. He grabbed my head and pushed deep as his cock pulsed and Storise first thick stream of cum shot into my mouth. There was so much that it began to squirt out of the corner of my mouth. Olve even let one drop hit the floor would have been failure on my part so I tried to Storied him out just a Stories i love cum to regain control. I cu, being facefucked. His cum was sweet and hot as it slithered down my throat. Srories used my hand to squeeze the last drops lkve and into my mouth. He was shaking Stories i love cum he lovd led away and the next man took his place.

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