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The dress code is more open, sexy and babex in comparison to the International Standard and American Smooth traditions. Heavy rhinestones are often used, but some dresses use less rhinestones to allow a dress to flow more freely. The gown can be solid or multicolor, can have feathers, rhinestones to look more luxurious.

It's totally a short dress or a particular skirt. The referee gallery is below. They only falling is that others have a smaller optional size.

Often the dress has fragments of body color that give illusion of transparency and being partially naked. We will answer to common questions what to wear, differences between low-level and advanced dresses, how to choose dress for specific dance competitions. Outfit for International Standard and American Smooth Both programs include almost the same list of dances: Therefore, it's vital to have a comfortable and safe shoes to avoid possible accidents or discomfort during the dance. Dress for Dance Practice The dress for practice is simple yet is very comfortable and allows to perform any dance figures.

The shoes provide contact between the dancer's feet and the ballroom floor. The rules Srxy the dress are the same for all these dances. Leg action play a very important role in dancing and can be very intensive. The dress for ladies is generally a long full gown.

Babes Sexy ballroom

Alternatively, a 2-piece combo shirt and skirt is suitable for low level competitions. Advanced Latin dresses are expected to be more extravagant and fancy than basic dresses. They are generally full length dresses without fluff to the skirt.

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