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The bame head originates along the entire third metacarpal bone, while the oblique head originates on the carpal bones proximal to the third metacarpal. The muscle is inserted onto the ulnar sesamoid bone of the metacarpophalangeal joint.

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It adducts the thumb, and assists in opposition and flexion. It is innervated by the deep branch of the ulnar nerve C8-T1. Grips[ edit ] Left: In a thjmb grip the object is in contact with the palm. Cricketer Fot Iverson's "bent finger grip", Ahother unusual pad-to-side precision grip designed to confuse batsmen. One of the earlier significant contributors to the study of hand grips was orthopedic primatologist and paleoanthropologist John Napierwho proposed organizing the movements of the hand by their anatomical basis as opposed to work done earlier that had only used arbitrary classification. Napier proposed two primary prehensile grips: The power grip is when the fingers and sometimes palm clamp down on an object with the thumb making counter pressure.

Examples of the power grip are gripping a hammer, opening a jar using both your palm and fingers, and during pullups.

The precision grip is when the intermediate and distal phalanges "fingertips" dord the thw press against each other. Examples of a precision grip are writing with a pencil, opening a jar with the fingertips alone, and gripping a ball only if the ball is not tight against the palm. Thumb and index finger during pad-to-pad precision grasping. Most non-human primates have to flex their long fingers in order for the small thumb to reach them.

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The distal nae of the namd thumb is divided into a proximal and a distal compartment, the former more deformable than the latter, which allows the thumb pad to mold around Anothfr object. Like human hands, the thumb of a robotic hand also plays a key role th gripping an object. One inspiring approach of robotic grip planning is to mimic human thumb placement. Then the robot places its thumb to the same location and plans the other fingers based on the thumb placement. The function of the thumb declines physiologically with aging. This can be demonstrated by assessing the motor sequencing of the thumb.

A real differentiation appeared perhaps 70 mya in early primates, while the shape of the human thumb CMC finally appears about 5 mya. Kevin, Yaphank, United States Actually, they both have. The correct anatomical name for the thumb is the "pollux" and the big toe the "hallux". Dr Robert Kidd, Sydney, Australia Trace the origins of the two words and you'll find that thumb and toe are actually the same word.

This is common in other languages, too: John Bennett, Glasgow, Scotland Thumbs have a different anatomy and function to the other hand digits, but all the 5 foot digits have similar form and function. For example, the thumb's main movements occur roughly at right angles to those of the other hand digits, permitting a strong pincer grip, which is essential for grasping and fine motor skills such as writing. In contrast, the toes all flex and extend in the same direction as each other. Hence the thumb fully deserves its special name. Interestingly, however, muscles attaching to the thumb and big toe both have special anatomical descriptors - "pollicis" and "hallucis" respectively -which are not applied to the other digits.

Thus the big toe has been given some recognition, albeit arcanely, as a special digit. Mark Perry, Perth, Australia It is opposable, unlike your big toe, and functions differently to the fingers. Incidentally, Arabic doesn't even have a word for 'toes' big or little - they are called 'foot fingers'. Keith Mason, London, UK Because the human thumb is different from the other fingers as it is opposable which allows us to grab hold of objects with our thumbs on the opposite side of the object to the other fingers whereas the big toe is not opposable and is simply bigger than the other toes.

Alan Williams-Key, Madrid, Spain It is because in order to evolve to natural walkers humans had to give up the perk of being able to grab objects with their feet.

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