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Alice Wells

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Typically, career diplomats working as U. But he said ambassadors have to steer a delicate balance between cultivating a rapport with a host government sU accurately conveying the SU. Wells has since been named the acting assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs, and as part of her new assignment, she is traveling this week to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Ambassador to Amman at Apart from the Iran deal, King Abdullah believed the United States could have done more to help rescue a Jordanian pilot who was shot down over Syria in December and later burned alive by Islamic State extremists, former officials said.

King Abdullah, like other leaders in the region, had deep misgivings about any diplomatic overtures that could strengthen the hand of Shiite-ruled Iran. The king asked and he can say yes. Veteran diplomats said it is rare for a government, much less a head of state, to convey its displeasure about a particular U.

For affairs asian ambassador Us

Former colleagues describe Wells as a talented diplomat. Although the Western-educated amgassador is considered more acfairs on social issues compared with his counterparts in other Arab countries, he nevertheless seemed to chafe at having to deal with a female ambassador, as well as a female deputy at the embassy in Amman, former diplomats said. The king even sought to exclude the U. She was due to serve until June or July, but instead she departed in March.

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