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A Closer Look at Minnesota’s Sex Trafficking Problem

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After having sex with Lopez's friend, the victim was moved to a different room where she was forced to have sex with an estimated different men, the criminal complaint details.

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Trafficking was expected to increase during Super Bowl weekend, and the reason boils down to a simple equation, says activist and author Nita Belles: In at least 82 percent of juvenile trafficking cases and 92 percent of adult cases in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties from January to Augustsex buyers entered the market through Backpage. Belles notes that survivors can help law enforcement and social services understand the patterns of trafficking. Sex trafficking is a subset of human trafficking, any crime where someone profits from the exploitation or forced labor of another.

This Twin Cities youth- and family-focused nonprofit provides anti-trafficking training for community groups and service providers.

Works to end domestic violence in the Latino community. Rochester faith-based organization provides resources for child victims of sex trafficking. Inthe protected age window was extended to Suspects made arrangements to meet for illegal sexual encounters tapf were arrested oaatonna arrival—including at least 36 for soliciting a minor, according to the Department of Public Safety. In rural areas like northeastern Minnesota, the Native population is more vulnerable to sexual exploitation—the case for any affected by systems of oppression and historical trauma, LaFrinier-Ritchie says. This prevailing cultural attitude has made it difficult to eradicate sex trafficking.

Prosecuting sex traffickers themselves has been marginally more successful: Parker pled guilty in Hennepin County District Court to sex trafficking a minor as well as two other felony charges. Minnesota Authorities Work to Address Sex Trafficking A few days later, the victim said she was able to escape the room and get help, although Lopez reportedly followed her to the lobby. Paul-based Lutheran Social Service, whose anti-trafficking efforts reach into rural Minnesota across 87 counties.

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Within a week of the Tpae Bowl, 15 children from the booklet were recovered. This improved from the year before, when only 31 of 81 sex trafficking cases won convictions. Sexual assault advocacy services for all ages, including a program for youth ages 24 and under who have experienced sexual exploitation.

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