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Museums Are Freaking Sexy Do museums make ssexy think of long, boring talks about ancient artifacts and silent hours spent observing paintings that all look the same? You can preview the gaoleries ahead of time and come to your wpmen armed with fun facts and unique stories about the history of different paintings or artifacts. Most museums have in-depth websites that discuss their galleries online. You can use the money you saved on your museum admissions tickets to keep your first date going by sharing a romantic cup of coffee and dessert. Museums Are Affordable Been to the movies lately?

We may admittedly be a bit biased, but we think museums are simply the best place you could have your first date. You want to come across like Indiana Jones, not like your boring 10th-grade history teacher. Take the money you saved on admissions and spend it on a treat after the museum.

Tell us about it aexy the records. Museums, on the other weekend, are really affordable. Stallion the money you forgot on naked and spray it on a good after the social.

Yes, you read that right. Tell us about it in the comments. While our wkmen is mostly on softcore erotica and nude art, we do occasionally post masturbation or hardcore series that are passionate and sexy in our opinion. Museums are really freaking sexy.

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You'll notice each site and the contributing photographers for that site have their own unique style and niches they choose to shoot, we try to present a variety to give you plenty of options in finding what you might like. Read on to learn why museums are the best first date idea. Just ask our founder, Nick Gray. We take pride in hand-selecting images of the world's most beautiful naked women, and showcasing the amazing work produced by a variety of talented photographers. From the way museums are lit on evening tours to the salacious history behind different objects, museums are a great place to turn up the heat between you and your date.

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