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Do not fall into the trap of making sexual chemistry a secondary concern. Yes, there are many important things other than: But the physical side of things is also a crucial part of long-term happiness, not an added bonus if you can get it. Clearly then, finding the right sexual formula is no small matter.

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The future of our relationships may just depend on it. Some absolute essentials to this are as follows: One easy way to do this is anticipation. The human imagination is a powerful force. How does he like being touched? Do you talk about what really turns you both on? Do you like talking dirty? Paying attention to what gets you both sexually turned on and then doing it makes for mind-blowing sexual chemistry. What you can do though is become an expert on what drives you both crazy in and out of the bedroom. Ask each other questions. Try out new things and see how your partner reacts. Get him to open up to you when the time is right and make a mental note of what he says.

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The Craay mistake people make in relationships is assuming that what turns them on is the same as what turns their partner on. I cam you enjoy reading it. Some of these might be better to fantasize about than to do! No matter what you do, remember to be safe and take all necessary precautions. Sex can be steamy without being needlessly risky. Who says sex has to happen there? Anywhere is always better if it is spontaneous.

Just thinking about the sound of the water spilling over the rocks and the mist from the water gently spraying your naked bodies makes you want to go seee yourself a waterfall right now, doesn't it? Crzzy top of the kitchen table. On top of the washing machine. In the file room at work—there is just something about the thrill of getting caught. In your unfinished home. Or in someone else's unfinished home — sneaking into a house that is still under construction in the middle of the night sounds even better. In an open field during a heavy fog.

In your office with the door locked of course or not, depending on what you like.

On a warm car hood while it is raining. In a tent—either in the middle of your yard or while camping. Swimming at night sounds sexy in and of itself, but why not have sex in the pool too? In a public restroom. While parked after driving down an old country road. By the pool underneath the stars in the middle of the ocean on a ship.

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