Chinese sex of baby predictor

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2019 Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart

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We clarify that there is only one Chinese Gender Chart and it doesn't change each year. It's the same every year. We add the year just for our users to find the chart more easily. Select Baby Gender with Chinese Gender Chart The Chinese Gender Chart, besides mostly used to predict the sex of unborn babies, it is also greatly used as a tool for baby gender selection.

Baby of Chinese predictor sex

Just click sexx link to select your date of birth, preferred baby gender and the year to get pregnant, you will get the best conceiving time quickly. The Chinese gender chart is based on factors including the Chinese lunar calendar, five elements, yin and yang, the eight diagrams, etc. However, there is no scientific basis to the Chinese birth chart. So, you'd better use it carefully and better take the prediction result with a grain of salt. To see its accuracy, you can test if it's accurate to your relatives or friends who already have kids. Where does the Chinese birth chart come from?

At that time, it was kept by the royal eunichs and used by the royal families only.

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But I really believe in it! A way to while away some time and Cyinese on the likelihood of it being correct. The Chinese Birth Chart relies on two important principles: The age of the mother when she conceived. The month in which the mother conceived. Where the two intersect there is either the letter M — for male or F — for female.

Some charts give a little extra prompt by colouring the F in pink and the M in pale blue. Some Chinese Birth Charts actually have two charts; the first relates to mothers who are aged between and the second for mothers aged from Not all charts are the same though and they often provide a different gender prediction. So at the risk of stating the obvious, if the charts are inconsistent, then how accurate can they be? In the years since the chart was reputed to have been found, there have just been too many evolutions and versions. These have now reached the point where any accuracy, if indeed it ever existed, has been filtered out.

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