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But before you go kicking yourself in the ass for not being so lucky, remember it's just a porn video and nothing's real. Lf you haven't tried out BDSM yet, this is a good glimpse at what it can be like. If you're on the same page as me, then you probably find most porn to be too dull or too soft. Watching this will make you question how her tiny body handles all of it, but she takes this good, hard fucking like a champ. The only thing I wished was that this video ended with some girl fucking girl action! It turns me on more when I can tell that the women are actually getting fucked hard, and listening to the guy's dick slapping against her body is like the perfect dirty ASMR.

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Riley Reid Gets Fucked Hard You could argue that petite pornstar Riley Reid is the queen of getting fucked hard in videos, and this one proves it. Plus, ball gags look super hot on girls while they're getting fucked, and even though you can't hear the noises they make as much, it's made up for by keeping their mouths wide open. They go through so many positions in this one video, from anal, to titty fucking and fingering, you get it all. It's usually the same repetitive positions and the girls aren't even screaming.

You can tell how good it is by her screams throughout the video, and she even struggles to catch her breath. Next thing you know, the two co-stars are getting it on and fucking each other hard. Both the actors are super hot, which only makes it more enjoyable to watch, and the combination of a big dick and a big butt is always amazing.

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