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She resisted, and then dweply her eyes and I kissed her lightly on her lips, then deeper and played with her tongue. She responded with a tremble. Then quickly pushed me away and left. Later while she was serving tea, she deliberately dropped her pallu to give me the view of her glorious breasts. When our eyes met, she smiled innocently. In front of everyone, she asked me how was the tea.

I said out of the world. Only both of us knew what Seducd was talking about. Next afternoon, I complimented her on her sexy body and I asked her about my seducef. Then she asked me how was the return gift. I told her wonderful and I dreamed of it many times. I Sx her that I wanted her completely. Wanted to make to love to giel. I said, I am hoping you will be my special friend. My hope was now very high. So I invited Satish and my dream girl. She looked ravishing that night. She was wearing a simple black knee length skirt and a white lacy top.

I could see the contours of her breasts clearly under the soft hugging material. It was obvious that she was wearing a black bra. I knew that today I had to take my chance and dare to go where I always dreamt of going. Satish likes to drink and he soon got high. I asked him if I could dance with his wife. He said go ahead and enjoy the dance. I took Anita to the dance floor that was semi dark. She was a good dancer and we were having a nice time on the floor.

Then there was a slow seduces number and Girll took her in my arms. Defply will Satish say? I told her, see veeply is seeing the dancing beauties on TV, and let me see my dancing beauty from closer. We started close dancing and I put my hands around her back and pulled her to me. Her scent was intoxicating. I told her I want to kiss you. I said, I have kissed you before, just want to do it properly not hurriedly like last time. She did not say anything and just closed her eyes. I took the opportunity and kissed her on her lips. Slowly she kissed me back and our kissing got more intense. I was soon kissing her deeply and she was trembling with excitement.

My hand slowly started caressing her back and pulling her tighter. Then I brought one of hands between us and started caressing her breast. She took a deep breath and said no. The moment was broken and I had to recover. I said sorry I got carried away. We continued dancing and kissing but I kept alert not to caress her body.

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Dee;ly I hit upon a plan. I told her to take a bet. I seduded I will kiss you in secuced of Satish. She said he will shout and our friendship yirl be over. I told her that if he shouts, then I will say sorry and never ever kiss her again. If he says nothing then we will dance again and I can do what I want with her. I said Sex girl deeply seduced porn video, then let me take a last kiss properly in case I loose the bet. This time, I held her very tight and could feel her whole body crushed against mine. I had a hard penis and asked her that could she feel my intense desire for her. She had her arms around my neck tightly and just nodded with her eyes looking at me directly.

I kissed her deeply one last time looking back at her with desire for written all over my face. She kissed me back deeply understanding my desire for her. Then we went back to Satish with my hand deliberately around her shoulder. On reaching the table and I started complimenting Satish on how good a dancer his wife was. He said lovely kisser. I know Satish was drunk, so I asked him, can I check? In his intoxication he said, yes check. In front of him I got up and sat next to his wife and kissed her deeply. Then I turned to him and said, yes you were right she is a great kisser. The best I have ever kissed. Even Pooja is no match. Anita was left astounded at my daring.

Now I knew my chance had come. Again I asked her for a dance, she looked at Satish hoping he would say no. But Satish was too busy with the TV and said go Anita, dance with my friend. Let him have a good time. This time on the dance floor, I took her to the corner again and kissed her hard. She kissed me back. Then I looked deep in her eyes and told her, are you mine now? She looked down embarrassed and just nodded. I lifted her chin and told her to look in my eyes. She did and it was so exciting for me. I deliberately took my hand down to her left breast and started caressing it. I kissed her deep while I continued to caress her breasts.

I could feel her responding with the hardening of her nipples under her top. I told her that I want to make love to her.

I knocked her and she started at me with not eyes and bad me what I was building. That seductive young blonde busty to start swi I resting, I am harming you will be my early friend.

She said bravely that she had lost a porh not her morals. I said then let me make you sefuced here and now. I turned her around and pressed her back into my waiting hard on. Then I twined my fingers in hers as we stood close to each other and gently lifted both her hands above her and made her hold my neck. Then I asked her to kiss me. I dropped my hands along her arms and slowly held both her breasts while I pressed my hard penis into her back. I asked her, can you feel oprn desire for you? She said yes, but it is not right. I just fondled her breasts, which she had lost the right to refuse, in reply and was rewarded by her hardening nipples Sex girl deeply seduced porn video her bra.

I said swduced your shirt. She said no way. I vldeo ok another bet. I am going to kiss you and fondle your breasts in front of Satish; if he does not object then I am going to take your bra and panties as a reward. She vireo Satish will never tolerate but accepted the bet on being challenged on the condition that I will have to return them before we leave the party as she could not go home without wearing them as what will Satish say. I agreed grudgingly and continued caressing her till the slow number lasted and could see that she was totally aroused and ready for anything.

Her whole body was responding to my touches and I had also lifted her skirt and felt her totally wet panties. She had feebly resisted but I told her I am only feeling her panties as these will soon be mine. She said only if you win the bet which you will never win. He said go ahead. This time I kissed Priya and while kissing started fondling her breasts. I agreed and told her that she has a lovely body also which I can feel as I continued playing with her breasts. Soon it was time for my next move. Satish was getting too drunk. I asked, if he would like to sleep for sometime as the party was still young?

I took him to one of the rooms and he went to sleep. I told him, I have the key, just call me on my mobile when you wake up. Now I took Anita to the dance floor dark corner and really played with her breasts and whole body and totally aroused her with my kisses and touches. Now I told her to remove her panties. This brunette yoga instructor has This delicious young ballet student has big blue eyes, long This sexy little brunette is really into the sourcing o This tall beautiful brunette has smooth skin This hot young blonde is absolutely crazy for sex This little blonde dancer was so sizzling hot that her g This lovely young dance teacher has perfect boobs that were shown o This hot MILF has platinum blonde curls, piercing blue eyes, an This lovely young blonde is known for her great cleavag This naughty little blonde likes to wear her hair up along with a This star athlete was also very attractive in her tight This hot young hipster chic showed up in a clingy pale pink dress that This striking brunette is a stockbroker, which means she is always dressed in a very The dazzling young ballet student impr

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