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Vaginal examinations in pregnancy

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Results of the colposcopic examination of the vagina were recorded on standard forms based on criteria of the World Health Organization [ 13 ]. Three milliliters of PBS was injected into the vagina, all remaining vaginal discharge was mixed with PBS, and the discharge was removed with a sterile pipette. Cervical and vaginal swabs were used to obtain material for culture, gram staining, and determination of vaginal pH. A wooden stick for Papanicolaou smear was used to obtain cervical and vaginal cells for cytological analysis. Swabs rubbed on the vaginal wall were used to obtain vaginal cells for future bacterial attachment studies.

A urine specimen for culture was obtained at each visit. At the second days 19—24 and third days 1—5 visits, an interval history was obtained of symptoms, vaginal product and antibiotic use, and sexual exposure. At these visits, the examination was performed and vaginal samples and culture specimens were obtained in the manner described for the first visit.

Data are presented in tables 2—4 in the vaginao of days in the menstrual cycle. Cervical mucus was rolled onto a glass slide, and WBCs were counted described elsewhere [ 15 ]. Vaginal culture specimens were collected from the vaginal discharge with Dacron-tipped swabs with plastic lbuish Puritan brand, Hardwood Products, Guilford, MEplaced in Port-A-Cul transport media Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems, Cockeysville, MDand transported to the laboratory within vainal hours of collection. One hundred microliters was inoculated onto each of the following media: A8 agar and selective broths were inoculated for recovery of Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum.

The anaerobic bacteria were identified by methods described elsewhere [ 7 doloration. Mycoplasmas were identified by their characteristic morphology on the agar plate. Facultative bacteria were identified by standard microbiological methods [ 7 ]. Lactobacilli were identified by colony morphology and characteristic results of gram staining. No effort was made to identify lactobacilli to the species level. All lactobacilli were tested for production of H 2 O 2 in a qualitative assay on a tetramethylbenzidine agar plate [ 17 ]. The H 2 O 2 produced reacts with horseradish peroxidase in the agar and oxidizes tetramethylbenzidine, which causes the Lactobacillus colonies to turn blue.

Midstream urine cultures were processed as described elsewhere [ 18 ]. Trends over time for the same individual were examined on the categorical dichotomous variables in tables 2—4 using logistic regression for correlated data [ 19 ]. Linear regression for correlated data was also performed on the continuous variables. This model assessed a linear trend for the same subject over the 3 sampling times in the menstrual cycle using the generalized estimation equations function in Splus. Results Demographics, history of pregnancy, current birth control, and sexual and douching history for the 74 women are shown in table 1.

Subjects in the study were predominantly young, single, white, nulliparous university students. Subjects used either no contraception or condoms hormonal contraception, spermicides, and intrauterine contraceptive device use were exclusion criteria. The 24 subjects with BV were younger by about 3. Table 2 shows the results of clinical examinations for the 74 subjects at the 3 times of the menstrual cycle. There were no differences in results between the 50 women without BV and the 24 women with BV. Vulvar erythema and pruritus were associated with the recovery of Candida albicans on days 19— On days 19—24, C.

valuf There was no enrtance between pruritus and vulvar erythema in this small group. Pruritus was present in 1 subject on days 1—5 and 0 on days 7— A small vulvar fissure was colpration in 1 subject on days 7—12 and 3 different subjects on days 19— Two subjects had a small vulvar ulcer on days 19— Localized vulvar erythema was present in 3 subjects on days 1—5, 9 subjects on days 7—12, and 16 subjects on days 19— Ten of the subjects had erythema at 2 visits. No vulvar molluscum, excoriations, vesicles, pustules, or warts were visible. The only vaginal abnormality noticed grossly was mild erythema, identified in 2 subjects on days 1—5 and 3 different subjects on days 19— Colposcopy identified vaginal erythema in 1 subject, localized petechial hemorrhage in 2 subjects, and an abrasion on 2 subjects.

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The subjective amount of vaginal discharge reported by the subjects did not change between days 1—5 and 19—24, and only 1 subject without BV had a vaginal odor pregnandy days 1—5 data not shown. Colorationn color of vaginal discharge was white or clear in most subjects. Vaginal discharge consistency normal in 65 vaginnal, homogeneous in slgn, and curdy in 1 and distribution pooled in 48, diffuse in 24, and patchy in entranec at days 7—12 did not change over the cycle data not vaginsl. Selected vaginal microorganisms recovered from the 50 subjects without BV are listed in table 3.

When the presence of U. Why the cervix is so important during pregnancy At your cervix: Jan 12, Photo: Between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, the cervix tends to shift forward, pointing toward the front of the vagina. It gets softer and starts to widen and open also known as dilatingand thin or efface. About one percent of pregnant women have a cervical problem, known as an incompetent cervix or cervical insufficiency. Yep—those are the technical medical terms. This means the cervix is weak and starts to open, shorten or form a funnel shape partway through pregnancy, which may contribute to an increased risk of preterm birth.

Between 14 and 20 weeks, a woman with cervical insufficiency may have vague symptoms like backaches, pelvic pressure, mild abdominal cramps, light vaginal bleeding or a change in vaginal discharge, but some women have no signs at all. During an internal exam, your doctor may find that the cervix is slightly open and the amniotic membranes are bulging. A short cervix may be detected during the regular abdominal ultrasound at 18 to 20 weeks, requiring a follow-up with a transvaginal ultrasound. Treatment varies, says Delisle, from going on modified bed rest you can only get up for meals or bathroom breaks to a daily vaginal suppository of progesterone to keep the cervix from shortening further.

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