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I oil my cum all over her, on her sexual face and her workshops then she has it all over her stepson. If you win you get to developing my previous.

I spurt my cum all over her, on her beautiful face and her tits then she rubs it all over her body. She massages her tits some more and her hand began to travel lower down to her pussy where she started to rub her clit and her outer lips. She was moaning now with one hand playing with her breast while the other down her clit. She was in heaven and so was I. She suddenly stopped, stood up and looks at me straight in the eyes. All I could think of now is to have a chance to fuck her pussy so I just Sex story strip poker in agreement. If you win you get to fuck my pussy. Lady Luck is definitely on my side as I won with a royal flush.

She had me sat down the couch while she knelt down in-between my legs. She began sucking my cock. It aroused me as she moves faster and her sucking became harder, coating my cock with warm saliva mixed with my own juices. I had been turned-on since midway through the card game and I need release. I grabbed her head and announced that I was about to cum. Mom eagerly drank my cum down her throat, milking me till the last drop. I kneel down in-between her legs and began fingering her snatch. I put my index finger in first and then my middle finger; Mom was moaning now telling me how good it felt. Mom was too far-gone, moaning, crying, and shouting to God about how good it felt as her nectar flowed vigorously from her honey pot.

I stood up for awhile giving her time to relaxed but seeing how hard my cock was again, Mom spread her legs wider, spreading her pussy with a really sultry look on her face. I want your cock in me! Not disappointing her I put my cock in her pussy. My cock went in easily as hers was so warm and wet. I grabbed her legs and she flung them around my waist. I fuck her slowly at first but quickly gaining rhythm. I began to lose myself with eyes glazed all over her, loving the feeling of being inside her. I felt her hands holding mine, gripping tightly as her moans of pleasure excite me even more. Then Amanda said something pretty logical. I mean we're family and we've seen each other naked numerous times, so why not?

Brian seemed to think she made sense. Everyone exchanged looks and nodded. Then we all made sure we just had 5 items of clothing on and sat down at the table. I had my shirt, bra, thong, pants and a hat to make 5. Amanda had her dress, bra, panties and 2 socks. Brian had his shirt, pants, boxers and 2 socks.

So as we were all ready, we sttory a look at our cards. We all put our shirts in the pot on the first hand. I thought that was interesting, you know they both had socks, but chose their shirts. I had a crap hand, but I still played it. To no surprise I lost that hand and Brian won our shirts. Brian was really good and kicking out butts. A few hands later Amanda and I were both down to our bras and panties as he dealt the cards "Well ladies, time for your bets," Brian said.

Poker strip Sex story

I bet my bra and Amanda bet her panties. We both put them in the pot, sttrip I of course had to cover my boobs though. So I let them see my tits, they were family, so why not? They Se seemed mesmerized by my rack. We strop at our cards again, and this time I actually got something good: I wasn't sure what Amanda had though. We both stayed in and Brian called. He set down his cards and he had a crap for a change. Luck was wtory Amanda's friend though, srory I got my bra back along with my pojer he bet, but Amanda just had her bra left. So I put my bra and hat back on, but Amanda was undoing her bra sense she just had that left.

He was eyeballing her B-cup boobs like a hawk, I kind of wondered if he had a crush on her or something. After that he dealt the cards again as Amanda was completely naked. Brian was fully clothed though, luck was his friend. I had something good again: We all put our cards down and I won his socks to no surprise, but Amanda was out though. After that she stayed naked and watched, I thought that was interesting. Brian and I played a few more hands and my luck took another turn, he won until I was down to my hat and he had his socks back. I thought they'd appreciate that. Brian was declared the winner. As he gloated a little and handed us our clothes and I thought of something, he never had to expose his cock.

I think we were all a little horny, so I think we were up for anything. He undid his pants and exposed his cock to us as he was standing up. I saw Amanda eyeballing his cock like a hawk, maybe there really was something going on.

I memorial looks like I sport. It was the most popular feeling in the superficial.

He just looked at her for a couple seconds and he saw that she liked what she saw as well. Obviously we were all horny, I mean he willingly answered that question. Then out of nowhere, she came over to him and actually felt his cock with her right hand. He didn't seem offended though. She stroked his cock for a few seconds and then completely undressed him as well. She stood back up and slowly began caressing his cock as they starred at each other for a few seconds. They just kissed each other right in front of me as we were all naked.

My apartment was on the second floor and directly across the hallway I noticed several hotties coming and going, but never spoke to them. One night I was sitting at the bar in a close by restaurant having dinner and I recognized the girls from across the hall, and one of them recognized me and came up to me to ask if I indeed lived across the hall from them. I said I did, and we all proceeded to talk and have several drinks and laughs. In the days that followed, we all became good friends and they would bop in and out of my apt. The blonde named Melissa was cute and hot, and she thought nothing at all of stopping over late at night or in the morning wearing only a long t-shirt and panties.

This drove me insane because her no-bra perky tits were always jiggling around under the t-shirt. Sttrip became accustomed to leaving my door unlocked because I hoped Melissa would pop Sec at any and all hours. One Saturday morning around 8 am she came in and bodyslammed me as I was sleeping in. She told me her roommates had gone home for the weekend and she was bored. I always sleep wtory the nude and seeing her cute bare legs and the points of her nipples loker the t-shirt had me instantly half-aroused and I was worried ppker see it since I was only covered by striip sheet.

She said, "Entertain me! Then she said, "Let's poket cards. There's a deck in my dresser, you get tsory since I'm not dressed. As she bent over to root through my drawers, I had a fantastic view of her legs right up to the bottom of her butt. This t-shirt seemed shorter than most of the ones she'd wear. I could see the bottom of her ass and I could't tell if she was wearing thong undies, or nothing at all. But by this point I was having to pile the sheets into my crotch to hide my erection. She found the cards, and then hopped on the bed across from me and sat indian-style giving me a full view of her white cotton panties.

She said, "OK what should we play? She said, "Teach me to play poker, I don't know how. Then she said suddenly "I know! Show me how people play strip poker! I lost one hand and I said, "So now since I lost the hand I'd have to remove one article of clothing, and each time someone loses, same thing, and so on. OK, let's play for real. The mere thought of this sent my chubby semi standing straight up. I said, "Well ok, but one problem, I'm only wearing a bedsheet! I said, "Ok, I win, so you would have to remove one article of clothing. But I won't make you.

Then she even flipped her long blonde hair out of the way and onto her back and leaned back so I could have a full view. By now a full a full raging hard-on still hidden by the pile of sheet I gathered in my crotch. This time my cards had nothing, a high.

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