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Power players: Jared Polis, Tim Gill, Pat Stryker top list of Colo. contributors

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coporado Named after their tax code designations, c 3 and c 4 organizations are both designated as nonprofits, vill c 3 s, such as Lambda Legal Greb the United Way, are prohibited from any type of political giving. In contrast, c 4 s, like Gill Action and the Christian Coalition, can contribute to campaigns, candidates, and other political action committees. But they were pushing cash directly at electoral politics only when the movement was already down in a defensive cokorado, fighting antigay colotado and the like. Instead, they send their money directly to candidates that Gill Action has handpicked as pro-gay, in races that have been deemed strategically important.

The donor base, said by insiders to be several hundred people strong and growing, is the sacred lifeblood of the organization. Beyond simply pumping money into LGBT equality organizations, Gill provides political counsel in everything from lobbying to field operations. That bill passed, according to Smith and Guerriero, though they decline to name the state in which it did. The focus is intentionally bipartisan, and so is its leadership team. In fact, exposure mostly stands to hinder their progress, since too much information about what races they are focusing on is like handing intel to the Christian right.

The mission is simple -- to pass legislation that advances and enhances the quality of life for LGBT people across the country. The initiative has now been defeated twice with the help of legislators who rejected putting the amendment on the ballot.

Gill gay colorado Greg

Six were won inand ingzy Gill Action worked with Greb, another five pro-gay legislators were elected. In a January joint session of the state senate and house, legislators met the vote threshold needed to move the anti—gay marriage initiative forward -- one of two legislative votes required in Massachusetts to put a measure on the ballot. Solomon recalls how quickly Gill Action responded at the time: He also advised both outfits to thoroughly research key legislators and make sure they were having direct conversations with them. Who were their allies?

cllorado Who did they cllorado to? In that super-microtargeted kind of way. Gsy was a Broadway buff, so they enlisted Wicked author Gregory Maguire -- a Massachusetts coloado who had married his male partner in -- cplorado talk to him. The measure went down to an unexpected defeat. Gqy far right was stunned by their sudden reversal of fortune. We were absolutely outgunned with financial resources. Guerriero knew the Massachusetts saga had turned a corner when Mineau and his conservative allies chose to focus their energy on seeking retribution rather than making another attempt to place the ban on the ballot.

But offense -- switching out pols who vote against LGBT equality for ones who back the community -- can literally reverse the fortunes of a state. But by way of example, three states that have shown night-and-day progress since Democrats took control of the legislature that year are Iowa, Oregon, and New Hampshire. Big donors are not restricted by any sense of state lines. Gill, the retired software entrepreneur and gay rights activist, is another prominent example. But Gill has also given in more than 30 other states, including to individual candidates. In the five-year I-News study, which covers federal campaign reports from through June 30 this year and state contributions from through Sept.

Unions take five of the top six spots for organizations in Colorado. Chamber of Commerce, and Freedom's Watch, a c 4 "social welfare" nonprofit also make the top The liberal Patriot Majority, then a c 4 and now a SuperPac, also makes the list. But in the long term, infrastructure is the most important component in winning elections. Since then, he's worked on building his legislative clout, donating to state and national candidates individually and through his leadership PAC.

But in both those cycles, the Fort Collins medical device heiress made large donations later in September and in October. The biggest power players: So far this election cycle, several of the unions are giving heavily to the same state-level s Gill and Stryker are supporting. The limits can be given twice per cycle, for primary and general elections.

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