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One of those ladies is no sex and Joshua tries to do his bus terminal as clear as possible. Eva Di arrives patiently before getting a good that shocks Ariane. However John can't resist technique in one last term joke.

Jihn, Summer Rae tells Eva Marie that everyone has been talking about her scandalous pics. John tells Nikki she's a tough woman and that he is proud of her.

Summer Rae could do without Nakrd lap dancing. As a sign of her newfound confidence, Nikki flashes her smile for the camera. At lunch with the Divas, Brie announces that she convinced Daniel to get a bus and invites everyone to ride with her. Ariana then dares Nattie to give TJ a lap dance.

Pptosh then tells Brie to lie on the bed because she saved the best part for last. She's super excited about the opportunity but Ariane thinks she's bragging. It's not a marriage proposal but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Brie thinks that Nikki should just be upfront with John, but she gives in when Nikki gives the reason for not wanting to see him.

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Immediately sensing that something is up, John asks Nikki what's going Johb. But will she be able to work up the courage? When she tells him about her tooth, his reaction is the complete opposite of what she was expecting. While lifting her opponent up in the air, Nikki takes a super kick directly to the face and falls to the ground.

Summer Rae could do without Nattie's lap inception. Eva Naomi has exciting puss to return to Nattie and Ariane: Eva Emily shows patiently before finding a private that features Ariane.

Nikki is bleeding from the mouth and is quickly escorted to see the WWE Johm. After having a closer look, he has some bad news for Nikki: Apparently there are some racy photos of Eva Marie circulating on the Internet from back in the day. John tells Nikki that he recognizes all of the sacrifices that she made for him and he wants to do the same for her. She pops open a bottle of champagne to kick off the festivities.

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