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You can tell she hits the gym a lot because she has one of the best bodies you'll ever see. When you take the flawless girls, the passionate sex, and solid technical quality, you have an enjoyable DVD on your hands. Kendra must be a very impatient girl, because as soon as this scene begins she if rubbing and fingering her shaved pussy. They then knock boots in the following positions: The couple then fucks in all the standard positions: The only extra worth watching in the behind the scenes featurette.

It's Christmas time at Alexa's house, and she gets caught snooping under the TTeen. Despite the downer of an ending it was still a great scene. After a few minutes she gets caught by her partner who promptly whips out his dick and shoves it in Tyra's open mouth. Taylor is a very young blonde with a phenomenal body. The scene still ends with a bang as Kendra's face is left looking like a glazed donut.

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This release was presented in a basic full-frame format, as are most movies filmed by Manuel Ferrara. Cusquad gives him a very timid, but sexy, blowjob. There was background music to interfere with the actors' dialogue. In this scene Courtney and her man are all along inside a big apartment. Scene 2- Alexa Lynn:

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