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Drag Strips

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Lynchburg Drag va strip

We had a big inch, late Hemi while most xtrip the guys ran smaller, early Hemis. It's been decades now since sttip died. Ga got a taste of both ends of our luck that weekend at Suffolk; we just didn't realize it at the time. Too bad it was such a lousy race John just pointed to the house, grinned, and drove around the neighborhood. Consequently, we had about pounds of lead bolted under the rear axle. The altered was brutally fast but so unpredictable that John was in the grass more than he was on the track. Will Young 2 comments Fly — Liberty began to use the airport for practice. Being an old altered driver, John stepped up to the driver's seat full of confidence.

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A huge injected Hemi was sitting on the tailgate. We knew the car was a strange combo for the time. Ultimately, we set low E.

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