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A sleeveless, loose-fitting top or bra, cut to hip length, often open in front and matched with a thong or panties.

Oregon lingerie portland Oh baby

We do sexy clothing. She knows how ,ingerie we guys feel, fully clothed, in a place designed to help our women become actually exposed. Ann Marie Lingerie, E. They know that lingerie is spooky, powerful stuff, and that guys are helpless in its path, like bamboo huts before a tsunami. Olivine Atelier, Ballard Ave N. A broad variety, including plus sizes. Laura Fitzpatrick has seen our type, often.

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Lingerir want to impress. Stu Watson is an Oregon-based freelance writer: We want to give more than candy or flowers or dinner, a gift, if truth be told, that she in turn will give back. Will she wear what I buy? What is the right size?

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