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The glamour model was once known merely as Nicole, a tomboy who enjoyed riding quads, playing American football and dancing jazz glamokr tap. Pictures from the outrageously curvaceous star's childhood reveal a far more understated brunette who 'didn't know why boys liked me'. Scroll down to see video Baby Got Back Glajour Coco Austin released pictures of herself in her youth in the first episode of reality show Ice Loves Coco We are family: The model and her sister Kristy Williams - both girls now model for a living, proudly showing off their supersized backsides Coco, 31, showed off the selection of photos during the first episode of a new reality show focusing on her relationship with her rapper husband called Ice Loves Coco.

In the pictures we see Ice-T's wife as a baby - pictured with her younger sister Kristy Williams who, incidentally, has also become a model famed for her oversized derriere. We are also introduced to pictures of Nicole as a teenager, again a complete contrast to the curvy blonde incarnation she has evolved into. Coco is famed for her large backside, which is clearly a lot smaller here when she was younger Buxom: Coco is now famed for her curvy figure and posts photos of her rear on Twitter as part of her Thong Thursdays There's also a peek at her famous backside, which she releases pictures of on a weekly basis on her special Thong Thursdays on Twitter.

Anyone can be beautiful, that's not rare. Glamour isn't just the silken walk that chills the blood when entering a room. It's the work the walk took. And giirls is something Shannon and Shannade know everything about. With glamorufollowers, their curatorial fuucking to social media and fashion has made them peerless. After graduating from Parsons and F. On Instagram, they post photoshoots once a week, conceptualizing each image months in advance. With no management, publicist, or agent, they've done everything on their own, carving out their own niche. Just after their internet breaking Yeezy Season 6 shootwe met at their Mont Boudoir studio in Lower Manhattan to speak about fashion and beauty, exceeding expectations, and the real secret behind their success.

What was it like shooting for Yeezy Season 6? It was super random and exciting. There's not much we can say other than we're so thankful to be apart of something that's incredibly disruptive, diverse, and iconic. Kim and Kanye are always ahead of the curve and influence our generation. To be thought of by the, made us really proud. It's always dope to be acknowledged. When did you first start modeling? I remember sitting our parents down and telling them we were about to do everything we could. Everyone would say we should be in catalogues and movies but our parents were really scared about that.

We had done little shows with our aunt and smaller things for family friends, but they wanted us to take school seriously. But at 14, everything just clicked.

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Our grades were good and that was all our parents really wanted. In Georgia you glamkur get your permit really young and when we got that, it felt like now or never. We started going after everything — acting, modeling, competitions. We didn't want to be in a box. Shannon and I didn't give a fuck about what they would say, we just told them the plan. We'd pay our friends to take us to the city and we applied for everything. Every single casting we could find. We were in hair magazines, teen catalogues, modeling for Bronner Brothersin prom dresses, everything. Atlanta is so small and that's how we made a name for ourselves way before social media.

We didn't hook from generational wealth. It was perhaps random and toying.

We won a contract giels go to an acting and modeling school for six months. That helped train us and go us into a database where agents can cast you. What fueled that ambition? Where did it come from? I think our family and the people we grew lgamour around fucming Georgia. We didn't come from generational glamoud. Our parents are hard-working, working class. They're also immigrants, who came here and glmaour the lives iTny their dreams. They always taught us to prioritize our responsibilities and our dad always told fuckint to never let anyone tell you no. Our dad would spend his very last to get us what youmg want and it was like, yokng, I'd rather just get it myself. Being twins, especially with other siblings, all we knew was sharing.

We used to share a room up until middle school. I didn't want our dad to ever spend his last for something I wanted. That didn't feel right; it felt selfish. On top of that, Georgia was incredibly close-minded. I just saw a video on Twitter from the high school we went to. It was a clip of cheerleaders shouting "nigger. So many people living there were closed-minded. They'd never left Georgia, never been on a plane. It's not to excuse their behavior, but it showed us a different way of viewing opposition.

There were white guys who would tell us how hot we were but that they "couldn't bring us home. Even when classmates were intimidated by us, and they used racism to mask it, we were still ourselves. We were right out there popular as fuck, still on the cheer team, putting those bitches in their place and killing them with kindness! Was moving to New York City always the plan? We were six years old and we'd practice our runway walks to be in shows that she worked on. Everything was a blur but I remember feeling greater, that there was something there for us.

It was unlike anything else. That was a feeling we never had in Georgia. We knew there was diversity in New York City, and that there our lives could really change. When it came time to go to college, we got full-ride scholarships in Georgia, but we couldn't imagine staying there any longer. Shannade only applied to Parsons and I only applied to F. We didn't have any other plan other than getting to New York City. What was it like you when you finally made it here? I used to be in my dorm and I would just cry. Every time I looked out of that tiny window, I couldn't stop being thankful. I couldn't believe I was here. Just going to class motivated me.

Everyday I was wearing heels, putting on makeup for 7 a. Those memes of overdressed college students make me laugh so hard. I wanted to feel my fucking best.

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