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The ability to deal with the rich world of individual subjective experience is hard won and, understandably, often accompanied by dissatisfaction with the seemingly remote and sterile abstractions of those who seek monistic explanations in broad biological terms. As the concerts got bigger, band members practically took it as a personal challenge to make the volume loud enough to fill whatever space they were playing. Though the destruction of instruments and the loud noise became a self-conscious part of the performance, it was certainly more than just an act for Townshend.

At a Who concert, the music, theatrics and hint of danger that went with being part of a raucous crowd was accentuated by the impossibly loud noise. So loud, it could leave ears ringing for days afterward.

So loud that lyrics and individual instrumentation could be hard to distinguish. Pete Townshend, for one, pleazure to og this. But as we have seen, the style worked and the music lasted. It is easy to locate strong emotions in Who songs: Townshend had a sophisticated and, given the hearing damage he has suffered, perhaps inevitably ironic understanding of the strange appeal of high volume. But from the beginning, English and European rock and roll fans thrilled to the seemingly purposeless destruction.

However over the years, more and more fans heard the band not in concert, but on the radio or record player.

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The vocalist was virtually inaudible amidst the cacophony … The long lanky guitarist … was extracting a tortuous scream from pf guitar which sounded as though several Siamese cats were o electrocuted inside his speaker cabinet. Indeed, the live effect of the music was physical for performers and fans Johnson and Cloonan, It is not hard to cast moments in the rock and roll story of the Who as microcosms: Indeed, few fans formulated complex explanations for the allure of the music. This is all there is. John Atkins describes listening to the album as:

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