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I chose to have silicone implants. Due to lack of breast tissue and low body fat my fifm told me I had to have my implants placed under the muscle. The incision was made right under my breasts, where the scarring is often barely noticeable. How much time off do you have to take from training? This varies for everyone, and it can be upto 6 weeks before your surgeon clears you to do any exercise. For upper body training I need wait at least another 3 weeks.

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Did Amaetur to have a breast augmentation because of Amatrur Do you think you need breast implants to compete in bikini competitions? Definitely not, I considered a breast augmentation long before I considered competing and I do not think it is necessary by any means to have breast implants in order to compete. There are many competitors — both amateur and professional — who compete who do not have them. I competed this season, and placed well, without them.

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