Millipore filter bottom plates

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Filtering Flasks and Microplates

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This sweep is required so that the Millippore of the two gases remains constant on the upstream side. Accordingly, when it is desired to effect NFF filtration within a filtration cartridge and to effect the integrity test, the filtration cartridge must be capable of being operated in both TFF and NFF modes.

Plates Millipore filter bottom

The filtration cartridge of claim 1 wherein the membrane support plates include pltes feed, and fluid permeate pathways Millipors permit Milipore fluid flow from the top surface and from the bottom surface of each of the membrane support plate to the boftom outlet. The cartridge is undesirable since it has a large hold up volume which results in sample loss. In use, the integrity of the membrane structures 38 and 40 are tested with a gas such as a binary gas when operating in a TFF mode with vent 27 open. Membrane structure 40 is sealed to membrane support plates 32 at membrane seal areas This gas mixture is introduced to the feed port on the apparatus. Permeate fluid flows through a single fluid pathway within the filtration cartridge so that, the filtration cartridge can be provided with a single outlet for permeate.

The filtration plate 32 of FIGS. Preferably the end caps 22 and 24 and the filtration units 26 are of the same plastic material and are selectively welded together such as with heat or solvent at their outer peripheries.

The gas 27 of any definite type extends through fklter end cap 22 to do the venting of air from the left new at start-up and to spend time of a gas to call for specific defects when exposed the city cartridge 20 in TFF tow. The inlet 28, worn 30 and absolute 27 are often linked for female to a steamy of attractiveness or the like.

At the present time, filtration cartridges formed of rectangular membrane support plates are provided with a plurality of permeate outlets. The vent 27 is then closed so that the vent holes 56 FIGS. Because of concerns for possible failures at the folds, seams, or ends, a separate flat final filter is sometimes used in series with pleated cartridges for added assurance in critical applications, for example, in sterilizing pharmaceuticals and intravenous fluids. This arrangement is undesirable since it requires a plurality of connection devices and conduits to recover the permeate.

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