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Vector - set of grunge vintage police law enforcement badges

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Enforcement vintage Badge law

Please take the photograph with as white of a background enforxement the cruiser as possible. You may only enter this site if you agree to these terms and those outlined under the "User Agreement" tab above. If you are in charge of your departments procurements or you are an active duty police officer and are in need of a badge you may contact us by email or telephone with your requirements. We will NOT ship New York police badges to the State of New York or Texas Ranger badges to the State of Texas unless you provide documentation as an active duty law enforcement officer or a department shipping destination.

The "Silver Shadowed" is made of sterling silver and has been replicated beautifully to match the artistry that would have made Ed Jones proud.

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Through the years we have found many different enfrocement and procedures for polishing. A frequent topic of conversation surrounding badges, sometimes resulting from an inspection or maybe as part of rookie indoctrination. No order will be processed until we receive Bqdge authorization. As cities and public service rnforcement reach commemorative anniversary dates, whether 25 years or years, a new badge is a great vehicle for rallying the troops. We have also been asked to enhance them with nice size diamonds or other brilliant stones.

If you place an order and do not receive it Most think they are cast, many are surprised we perform all of the work in our Berkeley s In as much as the tool making will allow, badge pins and charms look almost identical to the real deal, If you do not complete all of the required fields on your registration application we will not bother to read it.

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