Vaginal cysts pregnancy

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Vaginal cysts

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However, different types of cysts may become enlarged and lead to pain, itchingor an increased risk of infection.

There are many types of vaginal cysts. Benign tumors in the vagina may resemble cysts. Vaginal inclusion cysts Vaginal inclusion cysts are the most common type of vaginal cysts. However, this most often disappears after birth.

Vaginzl If pregnajcy of xysts duct remain, they may collect fluid and develop into a vaginal wall cyst later in life. Bartholin cyst or abscess forms when fluid or pus builds up and forms a lump in one of the Bartholin glands. These glands are found on each side of the vaginal opening. Endometriosis may appear as small cysts in the vagina. Benign tumors of the vagina are uncommon. They are most often composed of cysts. Cystoceles and rectoceles are bulges in the vaginal wall from the underlying bladder or rectum.

A needle is used to drain the cyst. Sometimes, after draining the cyst, the cavity is filled with a 70 percent alcohol liquid solution for a few minutes before being drained out, to reduce the chances of infection.

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If there are many recurring cysts that do not respond well to any therapies, the doctor may recommend removing the Bartholin's gland. Home remedies If a small cyst causes discomfort, home treatment options include: It is not uncommon for a woman to have a Bartholin's cyst and not know about it until she is oregnancy by a doctor. Commonly, there pregnancu no major symptoms, however, they may include: Although surgical excision of the diseased Bartholin's gland is advocated as treatment for recurrent cyst or abscess, this patient was offered marsupialization because she Vaginal cysts pregnancy never had any surgical treatment in the past to justify other options. Prengancy complications following the surgical treatment of Bartholin's abscess in pregnant women have been reported, including chorioamnionitis, sternoclavicular septic arthritis and septicaemia, none of which developed in this patient.

However, septicaemia is a well-known complication of abscesses, which has the potential of inflicting maternal and foetal morbidity. The chronicity of the lesion was attributable to the long interval since the first episode and the repeated self-medication with antibiotics. The way this patient used antibiotics in her successive pregnancies was a clear illustration of abuse of this important medication. Her using it without clinical consultations implied she bought them without prescriptions and could have exposed herself, her babies and her community to risks such as use of antibiotics that are not recommended in pregnancy because of their side-effects and use of inadequate doses that predispose to the development of resistance against the antibiotics.

Abuse of antibiotics has been a major global concern in recent times, especially because the rate of development of resistance to existing antibiotics outrun the rate at which new antibiotics are discovered. Persistence of this trend imply that a time might come when access to sensitive antibiotics may be a challenge, especially in developing countries where abuse of this type is rampant. The implications of the patient's case goes beyond obstetric and gynaecological practice.

Cysts pregnancy Vaginal

Not Vaginwl will it be necessary to educate women on vulvar and other body swellings during pregnancy, especially at antenatal and Vwginal clinics, they must be warned of the dangers of antibiotics and other drug abuse. The health care system and government must also sanitize the up and downstream arms of the pharmaceutical industry in order to stem drug abuse in general. There was no history of any pelvic trauma, and no urological or gynaecological procedures. The patient was well built with stable vitals. On abdominal examination, the uterus corresponded to term pregnancy with cephalic presentation.

Uterine contractions lasting 10—20 s every 5 min were recorded. The fetal heart rate was bpm.

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