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Teens Freebies

But teens are teens. Reprimanding them about saving money is a dark gray lining for them. Talk to your teens about the money issue. Set your expectations and listen to theirs too and come up with a solution that could benefit both parties. They will just shrug it off and go on with their way. Instead of giving your teens what they want, teach them how to save extra money to get it.

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When your teen understand teend hard-work of saving money, they will learn to live practically and going first for Freegies need rather than their wants. Open a savings account for them and explain the benefit that they could get when they have more savings. Learn how much money you have to maintain to gain interest. In that way, your teen will be inspired to save some of their allowance for savings account especially when you are setting a goal for them reach.

For example, once they reach a specific amount, they will get a reward, a yeens for the family, or shopping for things that they want. Be an example to your teens by just living within your means. They will think that they can just borrow money and spend it for what they wanted because their parents do the same.

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