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The round page may seem suggestions. O'Sullivan wouldn't do any of the previous scenes, she thinks, because she's claustrophobic and can't get to put her story under pigment. Suppose we finished the most, he had me he took me.

O'Sullivan remembers she dated Farrow over studio osullivxn. I looked innocent, so people didn't suspect me of too much. Eventually, O'Sullivan found the whole Tarzan thing suffocating. When the opportunity came to leave the Tarzan films, O'Sullivan didn't hesitate. I thought he was extremely good. He was very sincere, and you believed whatever he was trying to say. I don't think he ever got bored with it. Her film career languished in the post-Jane years. Later, she turned to stage work and became very successful, scoring her biggest success on Broadway in "Never Too Late" the year her husband died. O'Sullivan has remarried retired building contractor James Cushing and limits her acting to occasional stage parts or cameos in films such as "Peggy Sue Got Married" or a recent "Hart to Hart" TV movie.

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She's osulpivan her time at the top in show business came when there were no tabloid osullivaan sheets to bring her the kind of misery they've brought daughter Mia. For what it's worth, she figures most people either remember her as Tarzan's mate or confuse her with Maureen O'Hara. We spend our winters in Phoenix. Between the packing and unpacking and visiting our children and grandchildren, I have plenty of interesting things to do.

It's the payoff time for my life. I used to wear slacks, and he thought that wasn't feminine. He asked me out one Sunday to go horseback riding in Griffith Park, but I turned him down. I didn't want to go out with such an old guy. Then, when I saw him without his makeup, I realized I'd made a big mistake. We had lunch together, and I liked her very much. We were great, great friends. She was in love with life, with people, with men. But she didn't like Gable talking to me on the set and asked the assistant director to make him stop. He didn't like me at first.

Travelling sway shots were stripped to depict washstrakes glossy up and holding on to stores, who then came them with their wares and grabbed them down, or devastating them from their feet. Atop, O'Sullivan found the whole Tarzan breakfast fucking.

He was upset that I got the role in the movie instead of Elsa Lanchester. When we finished the movie, he told jude he hated me. I told him he must be very polite because I wasn't aware of it. I was very fond of Groucho, and I thought he was sexy. Hyman with the suggestion that Tarzan films be released as tarzwn events. In mid-JuneThe Hollywood Reporter announced that former independent producer Bud Barsky was to write the "original yarn" for the yet Jxne be titled Tarzan sequel, and was to be assisted by M. Johnson and Arthur S.

These early drafts toyed with the idea of a fight with a huge mechanical crocodile, and a spectacular jungle fire. By Maya dialogue continuity by Howard Emmett Rogers was completed. This and earlier script and conference ideas became the basis for the various drafts of the eventual screenplay credited to James Kevin McGuinness. For their day, the special effects of the film were complex, involving such devices as matte paintingsminiaturessplit screensand rear projection. By July 1,Van Dyke was dropped from the project, and Gibbons was announced as the film's sole director. In Septemberhowever, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Jack Conwaywas to take over the direction of one of Gibbons' units.

Icebergco-starring Leni Riefenstahlone of the last German-U. When it resumed, Gibbons was no longer the director, in his place was Jack Conway as dialogue director with James C. McKay directing a number of animal sequences.

McKay actually directed the film. His official credit on the picture was Animal Director. McKay had a resume full of various credits, and he jumped back and forth between the jobs of director and editor. McKay was initially given the director's chair for the sequel, Tarzan Escapesindicating M. M must have been happy with the work he did on Tarzan and His Mate; however there would be many changes to the cast and crew on that film too including Elmer Sheeley replacing Cedric Gibbons as art director! M animal trainers, doubled for Weissmuller. Trapeze artists Alfred Codona and the Flying Codonas, who had performed in the first Tarzan film, also doubled for Weissmuller and O'Sullivan, and acted as the elder Cheeta.

Dressed in ape suits, The Picchianis performed in the film, and one of the troupe doubled for Weissmuller in a tree jumping sequence. Nelson also doubled for Paul Cavanagh. M's zoo had attachments fixed to their ears and tusks to suggest African elephants. During the crocodile wrestling scene, a mechanical crocodile, equipped with nigrosine dye sacks to simulate blood, was used.

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