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Federal made several well known mold-etched designs, such as Madrid, and only a few of the geometric patterns.

The fixtures tend to be more consistent so you won't have to fact for people in the same time of green or gay. We were available to buy some things really in mid-Michigan and more via the internet.

Interestingly, there is no pitcher, candleholder, salt and pepper shaker, stemware or vase in Georgian. Her web site is Cat Lady's Glass. We were able glasss buy lovebird pieces locally in mid-Michigan and more via the internet. Kathy is a dealer from Midland, Michigan. That means the mold was etched with the design and the glass was then pressed. The Parrot pattern lacks the baskets, the birds are larger and the pieces were square while Georgian pieces are round. Georgian is a medium priced pattern for most pieces in today's markets.

Georgian is in the mold-etched tradition, with a really Vingage design that alternates birds and baskets around the edge, connected by swags, and with a medallion in the center. The design is wonderful, with rounded triangle cartouches that frame pairs of birds alternating with baskets. Federal made Georgian from to so it is one of their earlier depression patterns. The NDGA wishes to thank the author for permission to use this article.

Lovebirds t glass Vintage

Georgian is a personal favorite and we have a good selection in our store Cat Lady Kate's Elegant and Depression Glass. Mold etching was an innovative method to mass produce large quantities of glass with intricate patterns without the expense and hand labor of individually etched pieces. Federal made another pattern with parrots, called Parrot, but you should not have any problems distinguishing Parrots from Georgian. Federal Glass patterns certainly will have bubbles and strawmarks, but they are usually fairly well made and don't have as many of the protruding seams you will see in other companies' wares.

The colors llvebirds to be pretty consistent so you won't have to hunt for pieces in the same shade of green or amber. Federal made a lot of green and amber depression glass, with some crystal clearpink and blue. You won't have a problem telling Georgian apart!

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