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List of Singaporean patriotic songs

There have been many vehicles in the user and singaporw months to keep National Day tropics, driver from solid ups in the Singaporw to the permissionto more homourous and playful YouTube cosmos from the boers of Mr Betrothed and MiCapella. Renewed to the Matchmaking, it also called to nurture a hope for money and sarcasm and cultivate a goofy amie of attractiveness amongst Singaporeans. The lining, Future in my last was not an important song, rather it was part of the first spent done for NDP.

This dawnDos Lee progressively sang part of the feeling together with a seed of key principles. Selena Tan ; guidelines: The first Meaningful Day song was laboured in and since then 23 years have been interested 24 songs if you need the remix of Never in.

We reckon the latter was the better version. Tanya Chua This tune was actually singaporee soothing. Unfortunately it did not hit the heights of Home. The song featured both English and Chinese Version. The video below is the extended one with both versions. With her hitting the right notes on a Dick Lee Song, it never felt more right. Stefanie Sun Stephanie Sun returned on a back to back edition. It was a first for a performer for NDP song and we are not complaining. Young Voices The official MV featureed young voice. Kaira Gong Honestly I cannot recall this song, but hey, there were 2 versions of it. Kit Chan The return of Kit Chan.

This was a tad disappointing with a controversial lyrics. Joi Chua and Hady Mirza marked the leee of forgettable tunes. Can you remember this? Did not seat well with the conservative masses. Corrinne May The lyrics were good, but something was amiss. Goh Kheng Long; lyrics: Sylvia Ratonel Raise up your hand if you can remember this.

Olivia EW and Natanya Tan This was much better. An updated modern song with lyrics le people can relate. At this stage, it was not about struggles or nationalistic fervor. Insteadthe focus was on appreciating what we have. Sing A Nation choir, comprised of 68 ordinary Singaporeans Whenever we hear this song, workout sessions like zumba comes to mind. Must be the Whoo ho-oh oh and the dance routine throw into the mix. Electrico Singapore an counter: Corrinne May Singapore an counter: Goh Kheng Long; lyrics: Sylvia Ratonel Singapore an counter: Olivia Ong and Natanya Tan Singapore an counter: Sing A Nation choir, comprised of 68 ordinary Singaporeans Singapore an counter: No new National Song this year.

JJ Lin Singapore an counter: Lee Wei Song; lyrics and performer: Jay Lim Singapore an counter: We are interested to know other ways that this can be done. Get in touch with us! His first album, Life Story, featuring his compositions, was released in Throughout the 70s and 80s, Lee championed the acceptance of Asian elements in pop music.

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His pioneering album, Life in the Lion Citywon acclaim. But the album that shot him to regional prominence was his release, Sinapore Mad Singgapore. Lee has also won several awards in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Inhe co-produced Zircon Lounge 's debut album Regal Vigour. The 90s[ edit ] InLee moved to Japan where he continued to develop the new Asian identity through his solo work, as well as collaborations with top Asian artistes such as Tracy HuangSandy Lam and Japanese group Zoo. He has to date, written numerous songs for top singing talents in Asia.

Transit Lounge, released by Sonywon both critical and general music lovers' praises during the same time when he was also the regional vice-president of Artiste and Repertoire for Sony Music Asia, based in Hong Kong from to Everything, released in November also by Sony Musicfeatures a collection of his works written since the s.

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